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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Excellence in College Prep


Congratulations to seniors Ian Fairfield, Adam Mocho, Matthew Molnar, Jeremiah Ratcliff, and Tory (Williams) Ruffin on being nominated by their classmates as the Man of the Year candidates for the Class of 2022!

Adam '22, a St. Albert the Great grad, is honored to be nominated for Man of the Year by his peers and to share this experience with his fellow nominees. "For me, St. Ed’s has drastically impacted how I serve others," says Adam. "St. Ed’s has given me so many opportunities to get involved with my community, especially through the Labre Ministry. With these experiences, I have been taught to be a servant leader, continually thinking about others in my daily life. This teaching that is woven into the St. Ed’s culture has made all the difference in my growth as a young man and, more importantly, as an Edsman. The community that surrounds me at St. Ed’s has empowered me to be a leader and advocate for others, qualities which I will be forever grateful for."

"The honor of being nominated for Man of the Year is indescribable," says Matt '22. "i think at the core, it means that I made an impact during my time here at St. Ed's. This place has shaped me into the man I am today and I am forever indebted to this place. From the teachers and coaches to my fellow students, I would not be who I am without this great community."

"It is a great honor to be seen as someone in the community who embodies all of the characteristics of the Man of the Year," says Jeremiah '22. "I really hope I can show the students who look like me and do similar things as me that anything is possible. I want to be able to inspire the next person to try to make a difference."

Ian '22 knew from his first class as an Edsman with the late Mr. Jim Wallenhorst '74 that he could make his own path at St. Ed's. "This school has provided pathways for me to become a confident leader, a creative scholar, a compassionate brother, and ultimately, a person ready to make the world a better place. My experience at St. Ed's has lit a fire in me," says Ian. "This nomination honestly means the world to me. My goal over these past four years has been to experience as much of St. Ed's as I possibly could and to contribute to the experience of my fellow classmates and brothers. That second part has always been the most important of the two. To think that my classmates have felt I have made an impact during our time here is the greatest honor I could ever think of."

Tory '22 had nothing but great things to share about his classmates and St. Ed's upon receiving his Man of the Year nomination. "The Class of 2022 is full of so many amazing students that are involved in a variety of activities, so being nominated as one of the top five candidates is a great honor," says Tory. "St. Ed's has had such a huge impact on my life that it would be impossible for me to fully explain. I came into my freshman year as a shy, quiet kid who lacked confidence in himself and who was extremely scared of what my time at St. Ed's would bring. Being here allowed me to grow out of my shyness and become the young man that I am today. I've been able to build meaningful relationships with students and teachers from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and beliefs and I have grown so much from these interactions and experiences. St. Ed's has opened so many doors for me and has allowed me to become the best possible version of myself and I will forever be indebted to St. Edward High School."

Congratulations once again to these outstanding top 5 candidates selected for the Class of 2022 Man of the Year Award!

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