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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Excellence in College Prep


Parents are invited every year to join the College Counseling department for College Conversations, informative and casual evenings designed for parents to meet with college and admission professionals and discuss the college application process. College Conversations is a unique program for parents of all grade levels, each one designed to focus on a particular topic of interest while gathering parents and college professionals together to support St. Ed's overall goal - to ensure the success of our students beyond St. Ed's. This week, St. Ed's held the second College Conversations event of the 2021-2022 series, welcoming Rob Franek to talk to parents about finding the right fit when participating in the college search process. "We have some outstanding speakers lined up for our College Conversation series this year," says Director of College Counseling Moira O'Riordan. "Even after 21 years in this profession, I am even still learning new information or a more creative and different approach to the college search and application process to assist our families and students." "'Finding the right fit' is something we talk about in college admissions, but is often a challenge to truly understand. From looking at each student's interests, strengths and desires, to what type of campus or program they need to be successful, we want our St. Ed's families to be able to answer these discernment questions confidently," says Assistant Director of College Counseling Desiree Rodriguez-Gould. "The biggest takeaway from our College Conversation events is the notion that you are not alone. We are a community that works together during our students' college admission processes to take these next steps moving forward together. Our goal is not only to educate, but to have honest and meaningful conversations with our St. Ed's parents to guide them as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of college admissions."


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