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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Holy Cross Values


Last week, a group of 19 Model UN members from St. Ed's, Archbishop Hoban, Bay High School and Saint Joseph Academy traveled abroad to London to participate in the Haileybury Model United Nations 2022 Conference.

"I really enjoyed the relationships we built with other delegates and chairs from Haileybury. Getting to know them and their way of life and observing different styles of debate within the conference itself was my favorite part," says William Perrins '23. "I really enjoyed traveling abroad with my peers and being back in the U.K. and around British culture again made me feel at home. The trip also reminded me of just how big the world is and understanding how many different cultures there are, all with millions of people living their own lives, is a very humbling experience." In addition to the conference, students took advantage of the opportunity to site-see and explore the city, visiting Westminster Abbey at the heart of Central London, taking in the views at the top of "The Shard," the tallest building in Europe, and spending time in prayer and reflection at The Shrine of the Tomb of St. Edward the Confessor.

"I truly got to experience a whole new culture and community. London is so much different than any American city I've been to. This experience really gave me a good look at another country and what it would be like to study abroad in college," says Robert Torres '23. "While in London, I met people from many different cultures and backgrounds which really opened my eyes to how big the world truly is. I've learned how to communicate more effectively. One thing I noticed about how the British talk compared to Americans is that they talk to engage and learn more about someone instead of just getting to the end of a conversation. I want to incorporate this intentionality more in my daily life to be a better communicator and friend to others. Just talking and getting to know so many more people was the best part of the conference for me."

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