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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Holy Cross Values


Continuing last year's tradition of building an “alfombra” in preparation for Holy Week, St. Ed's Spanish and Latino Student Association (S.A.L.S.A), led by Matthew Mullin-Gray '22, created a beautiful mosaic of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Kahl Atrium. Allfombra is the Spanish word for carpet and, during Holy Week, many Central American and Mexican towns have streets decorated with these beautiful designs. On Good Friday, townspeople process through the streets reenacting the Stations of the Cross, and trample the carpets underfoot. The short-lived nature of these installations, which can take days to complete, is reminiscent of the death of Jesus and is a reminder that we are made from dust, and to dust we shall return. Students, faculty and staff who participate in S.A.L.S.A, led by Matthew Mullin-Gray '22, have worked together to bring this year's alfombra design to life. Following the mission to support the needs of the Hispanic community on campus and encourage everyone to learn more about Hispanic culture, this year's group went all out in designing a more intricate template for their alfombra and starting the process earlier with more intentionality to their dying methods and preparation. "Matt really took the lead on this project. He designed the template, brought the sawdust and paint and showed our whole group how to dye it. He organized the installation team and walked them through how to place the sawdust on the template to create the beautiful honor to Our Lady of Guadalupe," says Spanish teacher Gina Turella. "Last year's design was one that we found on the internet. but this year's has many more personal touches, especially with the inclusion of the St. Ed's oval 'E' logo. We really wanted to make something that the entirety of the St. Ed's community could relate to and admire," says Matt. "The alfombra tradition really has its roots in Guatemala. The alfombra is a large part of the Hispanic Holy Week celebration and its connection to faith and the Spanish culture is really defined."


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