Best of the Week 2021-2022: Holy Cross Values


St. Ed's Campus Ministry is partnering with Hallow, the number one Catholic app for prayer and meditation, to provide a Hallow prayer account for all faculty and students. With thousands of prayers, music, and meditation practices, users can access daily prayer reflections to fit with their busy schedules. "There are hundreds of options to help grow your own prayer life, ranging from a minute or two up to longer prayer reflections like a 30 minute Lectio Divina," says Campus Minister Cari White. Through the partnership with Hallow, faculty can access curriculum resources and lesson plans through the app to implement meditation sessions into the classroom. Students can access communal groups to share intentions, pray with others, and find support in their spiritual life. "Hallow has provided our students with an easy way to always have a prayer option on-hand. It offers an opportunity to try prayers students may not have tried before, and even offers prayers in Spanish and other languages to make the app more accessible to our community," says Cari. "I regularly use the Hallow app in my daily prayer life but also in our Student Minister meetings and on retreats and the students really enjoy the variety of options the app provides." From creating morning prayer routines and setting intentional time to pray with your family to setting and achieving personal meditation goals, Hallow provides a great resource for our community to use to strengthen their prayer life and reflection practices. For students who would like more information on how to access their Hallow app, contact Cari White at