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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Teaching to the Future


This week, St. Ed's Business & Entrepreneurship Department welcomed students from Lakewood Catholic Academy to participate in a collaborative entrepreneurial project, providing introductory exposure to business tactics and innovative thinking that are taught at St. Ed's. "We had our visitors attempt to create an app that would help either the environment, organization, school improvement, or something around the home," says Business teacher Matt Harris. "The goal was to make sure that there was some component of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). LCA students spent time working in groups brainstorming and using SWOT analysis to come up with their best product ideas. The winning team created an app that tracked micro plastics in marine life that would also measure the amounts of micro plastics that are in contaminated fresh water. The students were able to work quickly, come up with sound ideas, and confidently present their creation in front of their peers."

"I was reflecting with LCA President Brian Sinchak about how much I love the grounded approach taken by these students: they don't sprint to gargantuan, 22nd century ideas, but rather focus on actual problems that make up the fabric of their lives right now," says Associate Dean of Academics & IB Coordinator Nick Kuhar. "We want to help our students think big, while also honoring where they are right now as learners. It's exciting to see students dig into the design cycle by first identifying where there are real, tangible needs in their families, schools and/or communities. I think the best innovation starts by recognizing where the people we care about, the people closest to us, are struggling and in need of help; it just anchors what can feel like an overwhelming concept into something that's immediately meaningful and personal."


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