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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Teaching to the Future


This season, St. Ed's indoor track team smashed the school's 4x800 meter record with an 8:01 finish time, and is seeking to beat the outdoor record together later this spring. Seniors Jayden Williams, Evan Typpo, Ian Harrington, and Thomas Hoffman (pictured left to right) make up the 4x800 meter team and are currently ranked #1 in the state and #7 nationwide. "Although we hold the outdoor 4x800 meter record as well, we know we can go significantly faster. Our ultimate goal is to peak at the upcoming state meet where we hope to shatter both our current indoor and outdoor records," says Ian Harrington '22. "Our remaining goals for this season are to not only win the state meet, but to also compete at the New Balance Nationals, one of the biggest track meets in the United States for high school students." With most of their preparation done throughout the cross country season, St. Ed's indoor track season is a continuation from the fall, where student athletes can train at a higher mileage with a balance between longer workouts ranging from 10-13 mile runs and strength-based training that also focus on speed and agility. "Coach Brannen has been an amazing trainer for us throughout these four years. Given his experience as a Canadian Olympian, I know that I can trust his expertise, and I see the purpose in every workout that he assigns for us. His training and our determination have set us apart from our competitors," says Evan Typpo '22. "I'm very close with my teammates and I can trust that they'll be there to motivate me through thick and thin. We have pushed ourselves to our limits and this gives us the strength to smash these old records. I recognize that I cannot achieve everything on my own, and strong teams are at the foundation of excellence accomplishments." "We have run thousands of miles, failed over and over, but our resolve has never been firmer. We want this more than anything, and we will continue to work as hard as possible to bring a championship home," says Ian. "The biggest difference for our team is the amount of time we spend together as classmates, teammates, and friends. As seniors, we have seen much development as teammates and we want to have success as a team, not as individuals. I would not be able to go through workouts without them, and I would not be able to reach the level at which we compete if I did not have those guys as my teammates."

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