Best of the Week 2021-2022: Teaching to the Future


Last week, St. Ed's Head Football Coach Tom Lombardo was invited to present as a keynote speaker during Baldwin Wallace University's "The Pulse" virtual speaker series. The Pulse focuses on special topics every month and features a coaching expert who connects with student athletes, coaches, parents and administrators from around the Ohio area. Having coached four State Championship teams and having over 20 years of coaching experience, Coach Lombardo shared his expertise and tips for those looking to begin their coaching career. From understanding your mission and vision as a coach and seeking additional mentors whom you can trust, to encouraging multi-sport athletes and bringing your authentic self to the table, Coach Lombardo shared what has helped him become a successful coach and create a career that combines his love for teaching and athletics. "It was great to pay it forward based on my own experiences. There were about 50 people on the zoom call and most were college aged students. If they took away one bite of 'real stuff' that was learned through experience and is not theoretical, then I am fulfilled," says Coach Lombardo. "I have always taken kindly to hearing from mentors and experienced coaches when I was an aspiring young coach, so I am hopeful these youngsters felt the same. Also, Dr. Kerry Bebie, Director for the Baldwin Wallace Center for Coaching Excellence, is a tremendous resource at Baldwin Wallace for her students and is passionate about developing future leaders."