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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Teaching to the Future


Last Friday, science students participated in the Group 4 project with a focus on diversity in STEAM. With the idea stemming from the Science department's goal rooted in cultural humility, various departments took part in this collaborative effort to expose students to diverse scientists and explore the contributions made by scientists, both male and female, of color.

From covering segments on why representation in science matters and learning of groundbreaking scientists in history, to an introduction into graphic design and creating their own presentations on the spot, students worked creatively and collaboratively to share their biggest takeaways from this group experience. "One of the refrains of the day was hit poignantly by Mr. James Knight as well as his guest, Dr. Steven Jackson, M.D. They said that representation within STEAM is essential if those fields are going to become more diverse," says Associate Dean of Academics/IB Coordinator Nick Kuhar. "Mr. Knight framed the day by leading students through representation within STEAM, including an analysis of Chidiebere Ibe’s medical illustrations featuring Black bodies. In an interview with NBC, Chidiebere (@ebereillustrate) affirmed, 'I made a deliberate action to constantly advocate that there be inclusion of Black people in medical literature.' Students engaged with Dr. Jackson in conversation about representation, and devoted the remainder of the afternoon to designing Canva profiles that celebrated scientists of color. We anchored this entire day in the power of visual representation."

"The biggest takeaway from this project was that our students had the opportunity to explore the hidden stories and history of scientists of color and got to understand why diversity in the science world is important," says VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion James Knight. "One of the things I loved about working with our students on this Group 4 project was seeing their brilliance and ability to think critically and maturely about such important issues around inclusion and equity in STEAM. I most enjoyed listening to students discuss what they would do if they were leaders in society and how they would change things to make them better for all people in the STEAM field."


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