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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Holy Cross Values


This week, St. Ed's ministry reached a major milestone and completed its 300th visit for our Labre Ministry. Celebrating this momentous trip, Brian Clark '23, William Perrins '23, Nick Winchester '23, Robert Alleto '23, and Zach Salem '23, accompanied by VP of Institutional Advancement Paul Mocho '85, served the homeless in our community, hand-delivering food, clothing, and hygiene kits and connecting with those in need.

"There are many people who make this weekly ministry possible, all out of compassion for those living on the streets. The students who serve gain a new awareness of what it means to experience homelessness, and they grow in their abilities to serve without judgment," says Manager of Outreach and Service Emily McGee.

"This experience was totally eye opening," says Robert Alleto '23. "The people are so kind and welcoming. They were asking what they could give us in return and they were so grateful. I couldn’t believe the situation they were in and it made me really sad, but I was happy that we were out there helping them."

"For me, the milestone of the 300th Labre visit can be epitomized in one word: consistency. 300 straight weeks delivering food to our community is a remarkable feat when you stop to think we've served for 300 weeks without fail, never missing a week," says William Perrins '23 who served on this week's 300th Labre visit. "It's a program that has had to adapt and shift with the times, and evolve to better suit the needs of the community. Through a global pandemic, bringing on new service directors, and new changes in our school's leadership, the Labre program has been an integral part of the St Ed’s community and has maintained an unchanging presence. It takes the whole school to keep this program going, from the food that is prepared to the Labre team that goes out into the community. This ministry represents how interconnected our community is and how it takes all of us, not just one of us, to accomplish something great. We talk a lot about greatness at this school, and the Labre program is the perfect symbol how this culture of greatness creates meaningful change for our society."

Thank you to the entire St. Ed's community who has helped in keeping the Labre Ministry alive and strong for 300 straight visits to those in need.


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