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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Holy Cross Values


This year, St. Ed's returns to tradition, hosting the Baccalaureate Mass for the graduating senior class at Saint Raphael Parish as a special liturgical celebration honoring the Class of 2023. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Baccalaureate Mass was previously combined with the Commencement ceremony, but this year, St. Ed's revitalizes this momentous event, gathering the St. Edward community to share in this Holy Cross tradition.

"This is one of the primary culminating events for the graduating class, and is a beautiful opportunity to join together in fellowship and prayer as we send our young men forth into the world as bringers of hope," says VP of Faith, Mission & Culture Owen Williams '13. "The Baccalaureate Mass is the culminating event for St. Edward graduates and their families, and it is a final opportunity for our community to come together in kinship and thanksgiving. This beautiful Eucharistic celebration in which we give thanks for how this class has entered wholly into the Holy Cross mission of St. Edward High School throughout the past four years is one of the most cherished St. Ed’s traditions. Speaking from my personal experience as a member of the Class of 2013, the Baccalaureate Mass is one of my (and my parents’) most memorable and cherished moments at St. Ed’s."

St. Raphael pastor and proud St. Ed’s alumnus Fr. Tim Gareau ‘78 was this year's Baccalaureate Mass celebrant while the liturgical music was led by St. Ed's Social Studies teacher and Director of Liturgical Choir Sean Cahill.

"Saint Augustine said that when we sing, we pray twice. Singing at St. Raphael's, as we celebrate our Senior class, has us praying for our graduating Edsmen twice over. The beauty of St. Raphael's only enhances those prayers for these young men; there is no better sendoff than this," says Mr. Cahill.

"The Baccalaureate Mass is my favorite mass of the year. I think it is really the most beautiful of our culminating events for seniors because we are all joining together as a family for one last time in a beautiful church with beautiful music. It has always been a powerful night to reflect and share in the community," says Principal Matt Stepnowsky. "I love hearing our student's call to worship, and Zach Bell '23 did an incredible job this year. I feel like the evening puts our four years into perspective and reminds us of the true value of a St. Edward education, to be people with hope to bring."

"The Baccalaureate Mass for the Class of 2023 was a beautiful moment of fellowship around the Eucharistic table," adds Mr. Williams. "As we send our graduates forth into the world, I am grateful for the ways in which they have been sacraments of God's love and grace for and with each other."


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