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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Holy Cross Values


With a desire to conduct their own service initiative, the Student Ministers' Service Committee recently spearheaded a connection with the Ronald McDonald House Charities to host their own Halloween Candy Drive at St. Ed's to give children who can't experience trick-or-treating a fun Halloween experience this year. "We realized that we don't do any service initiatives for Halloween which is one of the biggest holidays for kids. We wanted children who were not able to trick or treat to be able to have at least a part of the experience," says Joshua Butler '23. "We contacted the Ronald McDonald House of Northeast Ohio in September about a possible candy drive and they were thrilled to receive any donations we could collect. We knew about the great work they have done for children in the past and we thought it would be a great opportunity to work with them for this candy drive."

Throughout the month of October, Joshua, Dakota Wagner '23, Nathan Turco '23, Seamus McGinty '23, and Santiago Vanegas '23 (not photographed), have encouraged advisories to bring in Halloween candy to be donated to their student-led candy drive for the Ronald McDonald House.

"Last Christmas, my family and I were in Florida when my appendix ruptured. I spent a week in the hospital, but the Ronald McDonald House was there to help my parents stay with me and keep our spirits high during the holiday," says Santiago. "Of course, my experience doesn't even compare to the countless health difficulties children have to go through, but I remembered my experience with the Ronald McDonald House and witnessed the tremendous help they do in children's hospitals and I knew they would be a great organization to partner with for our service project."

As part of their leadership journeys and faith development, this group of Edsmen have taken the reigns on the formation of this new service opportunity, from the planning stages and marketing efforts to the execution of their impact in helping the efforts of an organization that provides support to families during difficult times. "This is our first large project that we've organized as part of the Service Committee for St. Ed's Student Ministry," says Joshua. "After going through the planning for the candy drive, I think most of us will agree that we have a better understanding of our own abilities, the abilities of others, and how we can actually bring joy to those in our community."

There's still time to bring in your Halloween candy for St. Ed's Halloween Candy Drive. Turn in your candy donations to your advisors and the Advisory with the largest candy donation will win a free Chipotle lunch!


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