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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Holy Cross Values


This week, St. Ed's kicked off its annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, partnering with Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation (LCAC) to feed families in need in Lakewood during the holiday season. This year, St. Ed's goal is to feed a minimum of 200 families by raising $12,000. To keep this annual tradition alive and interactive for students, Manager of Outreach and Service Emily McGee and Edsmen put together new incentives to encourage the community to help others this holiday season.

The Advisory Brown Bag Challenge encourages every advisory to fill two brown bags with non-perishable foods by November 16. The first advisory to fill both bags will not only win a free lunch, but for every extra bag of 15 non-perishable items a student brings in, he will be entered into a raffle to win Apple Airpods. In addition to the Advisory Brown Bag Challenge, students have been working the Thanksgiving Food Drive table every day in the Palisin Commons regulating the Class Cash & Coin Contest. The class that collects the most loose change will win the first ever "Turkey Trophy" with their class year engraved and will also receive donuts and a dress down week during Finals Week.

"When I was a freshman, I signed up to work the LCAC Thanksgiving Food Drive for just one day, but now as a senior, it's been such a pleasure to be able to take on a larger role in the process. I've seen firsthand how our school community is truly living out our mission through the Thanksgiving Food Drive," says Stephen Martis '23.

"One of the big draws to St. Ed's for me was our focus on servant leadership," says Mazen Monnette '23. "By taking a leadership role in this year's Thanksgiving Food Drive, I've enjoyed fully participating in our mission of servant leadership."

"Over my time at St. Ed's, I've always participated in the Thanksgiving Food Drive, and now that I'm helping lead it this year, it's exciting to see all that goes in behind the scenes and lend a helping hand where needed," says Matthew Quinn '23.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the Thanksgiving Food Drive and for all those who will continue to support St. Ed's efforts to feed the hungry in our community. Together, we can accomplish great things! Click here to make an online donation to the 2022 Thanksgiving Food Drive.

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