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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Teaching to the Future


This summer, St. Ed's Garden Club launched a weekly Farmer's Market at St. Ed's with all profits going to LCAC, a non-profit here in Lakewood dedicated to improving the quality of life of under-privileged residents through food distributions. In collaboration with St. Ed's Business and Entrepreneurship students, St. Ed's Garden Cub has taken advantage of the market opportunity to sell produce to the community and give to those in need.

"Season after season, I never cease to be moved by the miracle of nature seen in the garden. It was great to see student volunteers from last spring come back in the summer and they could not believe how bountiful the garden was," says Language Acquisition Department Chair and Garden Club moderator Lisa Hardin. "There is a real need right here in Lakewood and whatever is left over after the market is taken to Lakewood Community Services, serving over 1,500 people. From an educational standpoint, the garden is an excellent place for hands-on learning that crosses many disciplines. There are always problems to solve in the garden and ways to be creative. My hope is that by getting students into the garden, even if it's just volunteering for a few hours, it will help create a mindset that values and cares for nature."

"I'm passionate about the Giving Garden because I want to gain some experience and eventually work in Agricultural Engineering. I've had an interest in agriculture since middle school but never actively tried to study it until I joined St. Ed's Garden Club," says John Mendoza '23. "Nothing feels as good as a big harvest. You get to see how your hard work's been transformed into tangible results, but what has meant the most to me was being able to give back to the community by doing what I love. The idea of giving fresh food to those who need it is one of the things that inspired us to initially start the Farmer's Market."

"I've learned about food shortages in Cleveland and the food deserts in our city where people are deprived of nutritious food. Taking part in the garden right outside of our classrooms gives me such a unique opportunity to help these problems in some way," says Samuel Clemente '23. "To give the community the opportunity to buy produce directly from the garden hopefully shows them how easy it is to grow produce locally, even in your own backyard."

Be sure to stop by today's St. Ed's Farmer's Market from 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. outside the Palisin Commons. Today's produce options include hot peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, green beans, raspberries, herbs, garlic, onions and carrots.

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