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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Teaching to the Future


Thanks to local videographer, Luke Schroedl, St. Ed's 2022 Back-to-Back State Champions have been lucky enough to have their championship season captured through film in the newly released sports documentary, "Our Time." After seeing the work Luke was creating for Cleveland State University's Lacrosse team, Associate Athletic Director and Admission Team Member Mike Fink '01 reached out to Luke to see if he'd be interested in creating content for St. Edward High School Athletics. "After Mike reached out, I stopped by St. Ed's for a volleyball match the next week and the rest is history," says Luke. "From day one, the people at St. Ed's have shown me a level of respect I admire. I've been given a space to focus on what I love doing and I can't thank Mike enough for his trust in my creative talent. All the St. Ed's players and coaches have been so appreciative of my work, making me feel like I am more than just a cameraman at St. Ed's. They've all made me feel like I'm making a positive impact and I couldn't have asked for more."

While completing his undergraduate degree at Baldwin Wallace University and creating hype and highlight videos for St. Ed's, Luke's goal since the summer of 2022 was to produce a capstone documentary of St. Ed's 2022 Football season. "This documentary showcases the individuals that make up the St. Edward Football brotherhood and their stories. Once you see and hear how dedicated these individuals are to one another, the common goal of a championship, you understand what makes St. Ed's so special," says Luke. "Having been a part of the whole season, plus the State Championship game, felt like a burst of energy. The State Championship game was a week before my finals at school and I had a huge course load to try to graduate early, working 30+ hours a week with my freelance work, and had just got out of jaw surgery. I was way over my head, but seeing the joy on everyone's faces gave me that burst of energy after the win that I needed. What these young men accomplished on the field that day and this year was truly inspiring and helped me accomplish my goals and continue to pursue my dream."

Click here to watch "Our Time" documenting St. Ed's 2022 Football State Championship Season and be sure to follow St. Ed's TikTok account @WEARESTEDS_ to see Luke's highlight videos for St. Ed's Football, Basketball, Wrestling and Volleyball teams.

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