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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Teaching to the Future


Congratulations to St. Ed's Science Olympiad and Mock Trial teams who have qualified for their upcoming State competitions!

Having just finished their Regional Tournament at Baldwin Wallace University, the Science Olympiad Team walked away with three first place medals, three second place medals, six third place medals, three fourth place ribbons and two fifth place ribbons.

"This is my first year in Science Olympiad and it has been more than I ever could have imagined. I have built strong relationships with my peers and others in the community and have truly witnessed what it means to be a member of the brotherhood," says John Haag '24. "I placed first in my event at Regionals entitled, 'It's About Time,' in which we construct a device to track different amounts of time. The concepts heavily relate to what I want to do in my profession in the future as I aspire to pursue a career in business. Time is such a crucial factor of how successful one can become."

With the support of Science Olympiad moderators Erin Schilf, Lisa D'Angelo, Libero Puccini and Andrew Zerman, plus the collaborative assistance from the Engineering & Technology Department (JC Froelich '08, Anthony Mortimer, James Millar '11 and Dmitry Lipert '23), St. Ed's Science Olympiad team has propelled their successes this season and are excited to gear up for their State competition on Saturday, April 29 at The Ohio State University.

St. Ed's Mock Trial Team also had a great showing at their OCLRE Regional Competition on February 17 and is taking their team to the Ohio Mock Trial State Finals at the Franklin County Courthouse and The Supreme Court of Ohio this weekend. Good luck to both St. Ed's Mock Trial and Science Olympiad teams as they make their way to States!

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