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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Teaching to the Future


Twenty St. Edward sophomores have made history as part of the first St. Ed's Ghana Project and have returned safely home from their travels from West Africa. Welcomed by the Holy Cross Brothers in Accra, Edsmen traveled to the Holy Cross Province Center in Cape Coat, visiting the Statue of Blessed Fr. Basil Moreau, for an education on Ghanian history and culture and even participated in a drum and dance display, taught by a local Ghanian troupe. Students took in local marketplaces, bargained with the local butcher and learned how to grind casava, a popular local root vegetable, and shopped for an interactive Ghanian meal experience where they learned to prepare an authentic Ghanian meal.

Students visited St. Augustine College, a Holy Cross sponsored school, where they engaged with students, sat in on classes, and even participated in a student-led soccer game, as well as the Saint Brother Andre High School. Students were welcomed by the school's choir and headmaster and participated in a welcome ceremony of songs, blessings and prayers with instruments funded by St. Edward High School.

During their time at Saint Brother Andre High School, Edsmen have interacted with students during a robotics lesson, filming interviews for an individual reflection project for their media & film crew, and planting 35 royal palm trees along the perimeter wall of the school. "Our Edsmen have been exemplary examples of everything that is good about St. Ed's and I am immensely proud of their fortitude, their adaptability, their willingness to meet all challenges and get on with it and their excellent behavior," says Director of International Programs Michael Perrins. "They have been great company too, have developed in their situational awareness and understanding by a long way, and are changed young men as a result, and I am very proud of them indeed. 'Forti Nihil Difficilius' - 'Nothing Is Too Difficult For The Brave.'"


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