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Holy Cross Mission brings the St. Edward Community together to celebrate the event of the year.


1 (again)

Eagleman, aka Jim Kubacki, who swooped in on Saturday, April 30, to kick off Wings 2022.


Thank you, Jim, for always "dressing the part" at Wings and for being a fantastic leader for St. Edward High School.

2 + 9

2 enormous Champagne Bottles with Poppin' Corks created the WOW factor at the entrance of the school.


(Designed by John Goers '78, Nick Goers '03, James Millar '11, JC Froelich '08 and Morgan Osheka;

constructed by Paul Stalter and John Tanzer '03; and printed by Paul Lange '75 and Signarama)

Plus 9 talented Trash Talkers welcomed our Rockin' Eagles.


St. Ed's Pillars helped shape our Edsmen each day: Faith, Excellence, Relationships, and Servant Leadership.



Dedicated and Top-Notch Event Chairs who led St. Ed's to a record-breaking year:

Missy Ferchill Swingos & Nick Swingos, Kristin & Ted Baugh '87, and Kathleen & Kevin Mulgrew '86!



St. Ed's Alumni and Staff who produced Wings 2022 completely in-house (audio/visual), allowing for a significant cost savings.


Thank you, Team St. Ed's: John Goers '78, Nick Goers '03, Brendan Goers '06,

Corey Farr '12, Dylan Zsigray '18, Colin Bocan '20, Mike Kane '21 and Nathan Hardin!)



Wings Auctions that spanned from 1997-2022.


Take a look at the dedicated Event Chairs and Fun Themes over the years.



Edsmen from the Hockey and Lacrosse Teams showed up at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 1 for Wings clean up.



Parents and Alumni volunteered thousands of hours in various ways to help make Wings 2022 a success.



Edsmen volunteered as Greeters, Raffle Sellers, Bid Helpers, and Servers.



Celebratory Gifts featuring five St. Ed's logos that lit up the Green & Gold dining tables on April 30.


(Designed by John Goers '78 and Nick Goers '03, laser-etched at St. Ed's by James Millar '11

and JC Froelich '08, and assembled by our Decorations Committee)



Rockin' Eagles bid generously and Popped lots of Corks during Wings 2022. Click here to see the pictures!



Edsmen will benefit from the generosity demonstrated during Wings 2022.



Balloons that were blown up and tied by our fabulous Decorations Committee to create the bubbly effect for our Poppin' Champagne.


(This tremendous effort was led by Parents Club President Heather Kaesgen.)



Dollars raised through our Live Auction.



Dollars raised through our Five Pre-Wings Raffles.



Dollars raised through our Silent Auction - record-breaking amount!



Dollars raised through the Fund-a-Need effort during the Live Auction.


Many thanks to our St. Ed's Alumni, who are also part of our Faculty and Staff,

that participated in the Fund-a-Need video and asked our guests, "What are YOU raising it for?"


Click here to watch the Fund-a-Need video.

(Created by our talented Film Department and Film Instructors Will Fistek and Lydia Munnell)



Generous support from our Title Sponsors, Event Sponsors, and Table Sponsors - another record-breaking amount!


And now for the number we all have been waiting for




Raised in NET dollars for our Edsmen, surpassing the $1 million mark for the first time in 25 years!


The widespread support and generosity of the St. Ed's Community for Wings 2022

created a night that the Rockin' Eagles will never forget!


Thank you for your support!


Save the Date for Wings 2023 - Saturday, April 29