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Launched with the opening of our Lowe Institute for Innovation in 2018, St. Edward High School's Young Innovators' Institute was designed as a 6-12 week enrichment experience that allows students (boys in grade 6 & 7) to blend skills from multiple disciplines (engineering, entrepreneurship, filmmaking and programming) to create inventive solutions to everyday problems. 


Our young innovators will learn how to navigate a "design cycle": they'll practice problem identification, develop and manufacture solutions, compose and pitch product ideas and concepts, produce a commercial to market their product, and use programming to power their creation.  


"Innovation" can feel and sound cutting edge (or even intimidating), but at the end of the day, what we strive to do is this: empower young makers to become better listeners, to become more creative and open-minded, to become resilient in the face of failure, and to realize that good relationships are at the heart of solving meaningful problems. 

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St. Edward High School presents Young Innovators' Institute: Season 4 from February 2 - March 16, 2022. 

Join us for our fourth annual multi-week design challenge! 

Sixth and seventh graders from around greater Cleveland are invited to prototype, produce, market and then pitch daring new products. 


This year's winning team will take home a $500 cash prize!

Across those 7 Wednesdays (starting at 3:30 p.m. for 60-90 minutes), participants will be coached by dynamic St. Ed's teachers, including our directors/chairs of Computer Science, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Filmmaking.

Register below! Seats are limited to 21 and will fill up fast!

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