St. Edward High School's Young Innovators' Institute is a 12-week enrichment experience that allows students (boys in grade 6 & 7) to fully engage in the design cycle as they collaborate, ideate, create, design, engineer, prototype, film, pitch and launch new ideas into the world. 


While participating in the Young Innovators' Institute, students will work together to complete a design challenge with an emphasis on creating solutions for big problems.  The challenge blends together five cutting edge fields, including coding, engineering, filmmaking, entrepreneurship and 21st century public speaking. 

Students will learn to understand design cycles, practice problem identification, develop and manufacture solutions, foster an entrepreneurship mentality, compose and pitch product ideas and concepts, produce an advertising commercial and use coding as a language of the future.  St. Ed's Young Innovators Institute seeks to teach younger students about cutting edge innovation and how to apply it in their everyday lives to grow as well-rounded imaginers, creators and innovators.


St. Edward High School presents Young Innovators' Institute: Season 2 from January 15, 2020 - March 11, 2020

Join us in the Lowe Institute for Innovation for our second annual nine-week design challenge on Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Sixth and seventh graders from around greater Cleveland are invited to team up and imagine, prototype, produce, market then pitch daring new products. 

This year's winning team will take home a $500 cash prize! 

All innovators will have access to our stunning Ideation and Maker's Labs in the Lowe Institute, and will be coached by dynamic teachers across St. Ed's campus. 

Registration is now closed.

Meet Slobby Bobby! He's the mascot for this year's Young Innovators' Institute, and was created by Upcycle Parts Shop: an amazing store on St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland. Upcycle - which is our official partner for Season 2 of the YII - inspires its customers to not only reuse otherwise discarded textiles and materials, but also express their most creative and eco-friendly selves via those very same materials. 

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