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The St. Andre Scholars program serves as a beacon of Holy Cross values, which emphasize compassion, respect, and a belief in the potential of each individual.


Overseen by two full-time intervention specialists, this special education program serves 20 young men with intellectual or developmental disabilities. St. Andre Scholars are fully embraced as members of the St. Ed’s community.


St. Andre Scholars require intensive academic support and a modified curriculum. The course of study focuses on career preparedness, as well as building foundational skills in the areas of mathematics, reading, and communication. Students are also encouraged to learn life skills that lead to greater independence. Scholars grow their spirituality by attending retreats and Mass, as well as participating in service projects like Labre or Community Meal. Upon completion of the four-year program, St. Andre Scholars are awarded a high school diploma.



The program is centrally located in the school’s new Michael T. George ‘21 Student Success Center. This light-filled and vibrant space features two new classrooms designed specifically for these Scholars’ learning needs. The area includes enhanced technology, alternative seating, a quiet sensory room, and a transitional wall that can move to accommodate larger groups.



While St. Andre Scholars are educated in a self-contained environment, they have the opportunity to take part in a variety of mainstream electives that include arts, technology, and physical education among others. St. Andre Scholars have also participated in athletics and acted as team managers. 


Each holiday season, St. Andre Scholars partner with students taking business classes to design, produce, market, and sell a product. These gifts, which are sold in the annual holiday sale, have ranged from custom cutting boards to clocks, and more! 


These opportunities for connection enrich the experience of students both within and alongside the program.


Who Should Apply

The St. Andre Scholars program serves a total of 20 learners, admitting five new students each year. Young men who meet the following criteria are strong candidates for the program:


  • Significant limitations in adaptive behavior in one or more of the following areas: conceptual, social, or practical skills (skills that are needed to live, work, and engage in the community). Often these learners have a diagnosis of intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, or Down syndrome.

  • Academic skills measuring in the first through fourth grade range

  • The ability to follow simple written directions and verbal instructions

  • Behavior patterns that align with traditional St. Edward expectations

  • Willingness to interact socially and work cooperatively in a group setting, with minimal distraction to others

  • Desire to grow his relationship with God through the spiritual and service opportunities available at St. Edward

  • A current Individualized Education Plan (IEP)


Applicants to the program follow an special admission process that includes interviews, observation, an ETR and IEP review, as well as an alternative application. For questions, or more information on how to apply, please contact: Renee Zorger, Director of St. Andre Scholars Program, at


St. Edward High School is a provider of the Ohio Department of Education Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship.

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