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The St. Andre Scholars program at St. Edward High School seeks to make a quality Catholic Education available for students with moderate cognitive disabilities or learning differences which indicate a need for extensive academic support.
A St. Andre Scholar Candidate is someone who meets the following criteria: ​​​
  • Entering into their freshman year of high school and at least 14 years old
  • Diagnosed intellectual disability or other diagnosis indicating the need for specialized instruction in a special education program for students seeking a high school diploma
  • Demonstrates levels of academic achievement in the 1st to 4th grade range that indicate past successes in learning environments
  • Able to follow simple written and verbal expressions
  • Demonstrates appropriate behavior patterns that will meet the standards of a St. Edward High School student
  • The ability and willingness to interact socially and work in a group setting with minimal distraction to self and others
  • The desire to grow in relationship with God through the spiritual opportunities avail able at the school
Apply to be a St. Andre Scholar
We are currently accepting inquiries for students who are interested in applying for the St. Andre Scholars Program.
Click here to request more information about the St. Andre Scholar Program.
Prior to completing the St. Andre Scholar Program application, please complete the following: 
  • Attend a St. Edward High School Open House
  • Participate in Edsman for a Day or other Observation of Student
  • Parent and Student Interview
  • IEP review & review of up-to-date testing information 
For more information or to apply for the
St. Andre Scholar Program, please contact:
Renee Zorger
Director of St. Andre Scholars Program
(216) 529-8534
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St. Andre Scholars Shop today!
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While at St. Edward High School:
  • Students will engage in a 4-year language based course of study, with a focus on career preparedness, accessing a special education modified curriculum that includes math, language, reading, life skills and communication
  • Students will participate in select inclusion courses 
  • Students will earn a high school diploma
  • Students will participate in a buddy program with their same age peers as they access the co-curricular activities offered at St. Edward High School 

In loving memory of Mikey George '21

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