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Acceptable Use Policy and Lending Policy

Minimum Device Specifications

Purchasing Site for Recommended Devices

SEHS Chromebook Rental Policy 


In the Fall of 2014 St. Edward High School transitioned to a 1:1 (one-to-one) learning environment where all students use a device to enhance their learning both in the classroom and at home. 


Our 1:1 program is learning-focused, not device-focused. Nine concrete educational goals ensure that 1:1 at St. Edward will provide a robust learning environment where technology:

  • Creates an atmosphere of authentic learning, including project-based inquiry, serious simulations, active learning, and productive, problem-solving games

  • Teaches information literacy in a world where available information doubles every two years

  • Makes demonstrations more vivid and concepts more concrete

  • Improves formative and summative feedback and assessment in the classroom

  • Removes logistical barriers to research

  • Utilizes the power of online resources and begins the process of transitioning to online texts

  • Fosters creativity

  • Teaches digital citizenship

  • Improves communication among parents, students, faculty and counselors


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