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St. Edward High School, a Catholic school in the Holy Cross tradition, educates the hearts and minds of a diverse group of young men to have the competence to see and the courage to act as men of hope for the transformation of the world. 

We believe in:

Formation of young men in the Holy Cross tradition
An ongoing commitment to excellence in academic and co-curricular programs
A welcoming, family-oriented school community that fosters relationships
A Christ-like commitment to genuine leadership through service to others

The St. Edward High School mission calls for the “formation of young men in a faith-based tradition that is God-centered and emphasizes the acceptance of each person.” It is that foundation for religious education that every student is exposed to at St. Edward and that fosters each young man’s maturation in faith. 


Students are challenged to engage in deep reflection and insight into the reality of Jesus in their lives. They become familiar with the Scriptures as God’s Word to us, and study and reflect on life issues as seen through the eyes of faith. They analyze contemporary issues using Catholic principles of morality and justice and explore topics of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. 


Students are provided multiple opportunities to act with courage in expressing their commitments to faith through peer and service ministries. The faculty encourages students to participate in prayer services, service projects, and retreat experiences that allow them to live the Gospels in their lives today.




The Congregation of Holy Cross was founded in 1837 in LeMans, France, by Blessed  Fr. Basil Moreau, C.S.C. Blessed Fr. Moreau was an educator with an innovative perspective on education. In mid-nineteenth century France, formalized education focused solely on math and science. Blessed Fr. Moreau felt that educating the whole person was about more than math and science, and added subjects such as literature, music, and the arts to his curriculum. His school was also the first to include intramural sports and a marching band.


His expanded curriculum educated the mind (math and science) and the heart (music, art, athletics) to develop complete students. It is from Blessed Fr. Moreau’s original educational philosophies that all Holy Cross institutions, including St. Edward, base their mission today. The Congregation of Holy Cross operates 6 universities (including the University of Notre Dame) and 16 high schools throughout the United States.


Fr. Richard Warner, C.S.C., the retired Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross is a proud St. Edward High School graduate from the Class of 1957.  Residing at Notre Dame, Fr. Warner is the leader of the entire Congregation worldwide.  He is a St. Edward Man of the Year.


St. Edward High School is proud of its Catholic tradition, but welcomes students of all faiths. Spirituality plays an important role in the daily life of each St. Edward student, and students are encouraged to express their faiths openly.


Through daily prayer services in the Holy Family Chapel, celebration of Mass as an all-school community, and a wide variety of retreat programs and God-centered student organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Student Ministers, there are many opportunities by which a student can continue to strengthen his spirituality at St. Edward High School.


St. Edward High School not only encourages students to celebrate their faith, but to put it into action. Beyond traditional Masses and daily prayer, we offer a number of opportunities to explore your faith in different ways, including:


Baccalaureate Chorale

Student Ministers

Eagles in Flight (Wilderness Retreat)

Eagles Wings Liturgical Choir

Eucharistic Ministers

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Respect Life

Kairos Retreat Ministers

St. Edward for Peace and Justice

Thessalonian Society Weekly Prayer Group 


St. Edward High School enjoys a storied tradition of excellence. From rigorous academic programs designed to prepare students for the most selective colleges in the world, to award-winning arts programs and championship athletics, students have limitless opportunities to develop their many talents and achieve their personal goals.


Excellence at St. Edward High School begins with a talented and committed faculty who view their profession as a vocation and go above and beyond to make certain the students embrace every academic opportunity. Coaches, directors and moderators further the learning process outside of the classroom, challenging every young man to reach his full potential.


As a result, St. Edward High School is well known as one of the premier high schools for academics, arts, athletics and co-curricular programs. During a four-year career at St. Edward, every student will experience countless opportunities for excellence and the support to achieve it.


The St. Edward curriculum combines the traditional aspects of a rigorous, college-prep education with innovative curriculum, pedagogy and programming designed to prepare students for the future world they will enter.  At St. Edward, students are exposed to the highest quality college-prep curriculum in an academic environment built on innovation, collaboration and individualized support of every student. 


The core of a St. Edward education takes place in the classroom, where students explore classic scholarship guided by expert teachers using the most current technologies. The rigorous core of traditional academic subjects challenges students to build a firm foundation for scholarship. Our curriculum also challenges students to thrive in environments requiring critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.


The St. Edward curriculum places an emphasis on authentic, project-based learning.  Rather than passively consuming information, St. Edward students are challenged to actively apply that knowledge, just as they will in college.

Maximum Options - A College Prep Pathway for Every Student

Every St. Edward student is engaged in a college-prep curriculum designed to ensure that he is prepared for success at whichever college or university he chooses to attend.  Because St. Edward meets students where they are, courses are available to accomodate students at various ability levels, from the academically accelerated to those who may need additional support to achieve success.  St. Edward also offers multiple pathways for students to earn college credit during their high school career, including the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus.

The International Baccalaureate Programme

St. Edward High School is the only Catholic high school in Northeast Ohio authorized to offer the highly regarded International Baccalaureate Programme, and has the largest IB Diploma Programme in the state of Ohio.  The IB offers the most rigorous high school curriculum in the world and is considered the international standard of education, with global themes emphasized across the curriculum.  Proven to be a differentiator for the world's most competitive students, the IB emphasizes critical thinking, college-level research and time management that prepare students for success at the most selective universities.  Colleges and universities throughout the United States and around the world reward students who earn the rigorous IB Diploma with the eligibility to earn significant college credit. Click here to learn more about the International Baccalaureate Programme at St. Edward High School.

Advanced Placement (AP)

The St. Edward High School Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers students 17 rigorous, college-level courses through which they can earn college credit.   St. Edward's AP Program is the ideal pathway for students who desire a high-level academic challenge, but seek flexibility in course offerings. Click here to learn more about the AP Program at St. Edward High School.


St. Edward High School is well know nationally for its innovative engineering program.  Founded in 2001, St. Edward was one of the first secondary schools in the country to provide a college-prep engineering program.  The pre-collegiate program introduces college topics and prepares students for the rigors of a college engineering study with a curriculum focused on problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and the application of STEM skills. Click here to learn more about the Engineering program.


The Ken Layden Entrepreneurship Program
The Ken Layden Entrepreneurship Program is an elective course of study that introduces St. Edward students to the principles of innovation, product design, marketing, data analysis and sound business concepts. The courses are taught by a successful entrepreneur and feature mentorship from dozens of members of the local business community. Click here to learn more about the Ken Layden Program.


The St. Edward Film Program
The St. Edward Film Department echoes director Stanley Kubrick's adage that "the best education in film is to make one". Thus, through our elective and IB Film courses, we cultivate a love for the artform by empowering St. Edward's young artists to not only critically view and discuss great cinematic works from around the globe, but also write, light, film, and edit short films of their own design. Click here to learn more about Film at St. Edward High School.


Financial Mathematics & Analytics
Financial Math & Analytics is an elective mathematics course that challenges students to recognize data patterns, critically analyze those patterns and use that analysis to develop real-world business strategies. St. Edward partners with local digital marketing firm, Precision Dialogue, to allow students to analyze real business data and receive expert feedback on their analysis.


Academic Intervention
St. Edward provides students with the full-time equivalent of 2.5 intervention specialists who work with students who have specific learning challenges on a daily basis. along with a specialized ADHD counselor who assists ADHD students in organizing their academic work and tracks their progress.  Professional tutoring in language arts, math and science available at no additional cost, along with daily peer tutoring and a commitment from faculty to meet with students before and after school to assist in any areas where remediation is needed.


The Jon Peterson Scholarship
St. Edward High School is a provider of the State of Ohio's Jon Peterson Scholarship for students with qualifying IEPs, making state funds available to support academic services and tuition at St. Edward.  Jon Peterson Scholarships range from $9,600 - $20,000.  St. Edward assesses a $3,500 tuition surcharge to Peterson Scholarship recipients to fund additional special support services.


The pride of Eagle Athletics is built on a long-standing championship tradition, and the foundation for that tradition begins with the coaches who work with our student-athletes every day. To achieve success, our coaches motivate every student-athlete to reach his potential, respect his teammates and understand how to work with others effectively and have respect for their opponents and the game - qualities applied far beyond the field of play. For a number of St. Edward student-athletes, their talents open doors to many opportunities beyond high school as they continue their educations and playing careers at the nation’s top colleges and universities.


Since 1978, the St. Edward Eagles have won 60 state championships and 11 national championships, making St. Edward the winningest high school athletic program in the state of Ohio and among the most highly regarded programs in the United States.

St. Edward offers 16 varsity athetic programs, all which have Freshman, Junior Varsity or novice teams.


Baseball  Varsity, JV and Freshman Teams

Basketball Varsity, JV and Freshman Teams
Bowling  Varsity and JV Teams
Cross Country  Varsity and JV Teams

Football  Varsity, JV and Freshman Teams

Golf  Varsity and JV Teams
Hockey  Varsity and JV Teams

Lacrosse  Varsity and JV Teams

Rowing  Varsity and Novice Teams

Rugby  Varsity and JV Teams

Soccer  Varsity and JV Teams

Swimming  Varsity and JV Teams

Tennis  Varsity and JV Teams

Track & Field  Varsity and JV Teams

Volleyball  Varsity and JV Teams

Wrestling  Varsity, JV and Freshman Teams



St. Edward High School embraces the important Holy Cross ideal of creative expression by offering a diverse range of performing arts programs that provide avenues for students to showcase their talents musically, vocally, rhythmically and by acting with one of Northeast Ohio’s most respected theater companies.


All of St. Ed’s performing arts programs are of the highest quality.  The Performing Arts Department offers opportunities for students interested in all forms of creative expression. From traditional programs like choir, concert and jazz band, and the Edwardian Players, to The Trash Talkers, who make music out of household items like garbage cans and buckets, students in the Performing Arts Program entertain thousands of fans every year. The stage crew offers technical students the opportunity to build the sets for the seasonal plays, developing their carpentry, lighting and stage management skills. Click here to learn more about the Performing Arts at St. Edward High School.


A St. Edward student's education does not depend solely on academics. A successful life expresses itself in more than the intellectual. St. Edward High School encourages many student activities in the hope of giving opportunities for wider associations among students and faculty. In addition, universities tend to look for young men who balance and round-out their personalities by participation in extracurriculars. 


St. Edward High School offers a wide varierty of co-curricular and student life opportunities that Edsmen are encouraged to become involved with beginning with the first day of freshman year.  The most successful student experiences includes those that include many opportunities for growth and discovery.  Our extracurricular options are designed for just that. Click here to learn more about Student Life and co-curriculars at St. Edward High School.


As an adolescent matures into a young man during his four years in high school, the relationships he builds and sustains will define that growth. The relationships that students form at St. Edward High School are lifelong, and are truly the foundation for every student’s success.


Hospitality is a charism central to the philosophy of Holy Cross education. It is through relationships that Holy Cross hospitality makes itself known to St. Edward students daily. Positive relationships formed in a nurturing environment provide students with a tremendous sense of safety and comfort, as they realize they will be supported by their teachers, their classmates, and their coaches in all things. That support allows them to reach outside their comfort zone and discover new talents and interests. The brotherhood that develops among classmates during their four years at St. Edward is a testament to the strength of the community and the positive experience that each young man has during these formative years.



St. Edward High School prides itself on the quality of its faculty and the commitment they make to the formation of each individual student. The legacy of the Holy Cross Brothers combined with a vocationally driven lay faculty and staff offers a unique learning environment for the students that challenges them and develops them to have the competence to see and the courage to act.


The experience of the St. Edward faculty is second-to-none, as more than 85 percent of all St. Edward teachers hold an advanced degree. Combined with a highly experienced Counseling Department, students receive the highest levels of instruction and guidance during their four years.


Beyond the academic expertise that the faculty bring to class each day, the commitment and care they have for each individual student sets them apart and is the strength behind the success of each St. Edward student. St. Edward students know they can count on their teachers to go above and beyond to meet their needs, and the respect that they develop for their teachers lasts a lifetime. 





Beyond the academic advantages of a St. Edward education, graduates join one of the country’s strongest alumni networks of more than 15,000 Edsmen who understand the values of faith, excellence, relationships and servant leadership that become their foundation as they seek to make an impact on the lives of others. The brotherhood that develops among classmates during their four years is a testament to the strength of the St. Edward community and the positive experience that each young man gains from his time at St. Edward. The relationships that bond the St. Edward alumni stem from the shared experience of hospitality and compassion modeled every day by the faculty and students. 




Behind a proud sixty-four year tradition are multiple generations of families that have enjoyed the privilege of a St. Edward High School education. Many of the same strong bonds that current students build with longtime teachers and Brothers of Holy Cross are the same that their fathers and grandfathers built.


Having such a strong family tradition not only adds to the atmosphere that St. Edward students experience on a daily basis, but it helps bridge generations within families and builds a tremendous sense of pride for the school community. St. Edward alumni are proud to give back to the school and send their sons and grandsons to the place that laid such a strong foundation for them, knowing the next generation will be made even stronger. 


The principles of servant leadership are critical to the development of every St. Edward student. Through every experience a St. Edward student has during his four years, the school’s mission is to help each young man find his call to live as a servant leader. We challenge each of our students to develop into leaders who exhibit hospitality, compassion, zeal, and humility, and who bring hope to everyone they encounter. 


St. Edward High School’s focus on faith formation, drive for excellence in all things, and commitment to developing meaningful relationships is rooted in the mission to form Christ-like servant leaders who will enrich the lives of others by living out the charism and spirituality of Holy Cross. Much of the success our students achieve is attributed to practicing the ideals of servant leadership.


The ideals of servant leadership are emphasized to students through faculty and Brothers of Holy Cross modeling for the young men the qualities of patience, kindness and love necessary to lead others through service.


A St. Edward High School Servant Leader displays a Christ-like commitment to serve those he is called to lead, and lives out the charism and spirituality of Holy Cross. He is filled with the spirit of hospitality and is committed to building positive relationships with those he leads. A St. Ed’s servant leader is enlivened by zeal, yet tempered with humility, and brings daily hope in the Cross of Christ. Most importantly, he always trusts in Divine Providence.


St. Edward High School students learn that one of the defining characteristics of a servant leader is putting the greater good before oneself. From the beginning of freshman year, a tremendous emphasis is placed on service and the impact a young man can have on his community by sacrificing his time, talents and treasure.

Edsmen are enthusiastic contributors to the community, whether they are working locally in Lakewood during the spring service day, or organizing fundraisers to impact their peers in developing countries thousands of miles away.


Dozens of enriching service opportunities await St. Edward students, along with the personal growth they experience by building a foundation for a life committed to service to others.


Service-based clubs and opportunities include:


Freshman Day of Service

Appalachia Work Week 

St. Edward Community Meal

Eagles on Foot 5K Race

Clips for Cancer 

El Salvador Immersion Trip

Holiday Food Drives 

Garfield School Tutoring

Peer Tutoring 

Sophomore Service Retreat

Service Club 

Under Eagles Wings Program

Green Club / Recycling 

Spring Service Day

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