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Engineering is a rigorous, innovative academic program at St. Edward High School that introduces students to key engineering applications and philosophies in preparation for study at the university level.  The curriculum was developed by closely examining college-level curriculum to determine lessons that will make our students successful in college and beyond.  The program is housed in the brand new, 28,000 square-foot Joseph & Helen Lowe Institute for Innovation, which includes four classrooms, two advanced manufacturing labs, a robotics lab and a seminar room. 

  • Provide engineering courses that use technology (Solid Modeling software, rapid prototype printers, pneumatic circuit test stations, electronic circuit prototype kits, etc.) and apply learned skills to problem solving

  • Stimulate interest in technology, engineering principles and applied sciences 

  • Expose students to "real world” experiences in different fields of engineering 

  • Spark interest in college level education in the disciplines of technology and engineering

  • Highlight the vast potential for future employment in engineering 

  • Develop an understanding of how technology and engineering can benefit society with the requisite responsibilities of ethical and moral conduct


A recent survey conducted by St. Edward High School reveals that more than 40 percent of graduates from the Engineering Program are majoring in some engineering discipline at the university level, compared to only 16 percent of students who are currently majoring in engineering nationwide.

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