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A Gift With A Future

When you make a gift to St. Edward High School’s endowment fund, you are truly making a gift with a future! Your endowment gifts guarantee that financial support will remain readily available for the future needs of the school and its students.

Gifts to St. Ed’s Endowment get permanently invested to supply a steady, annual source of funds for the purposes agreed upon by the donor and the school. 

Many donors choose to create Endowed Funds - which can be named to honor the donor or a loved one - to commemorate a family legacy or an important individual. Such gifts tie together the past, present and future: they preserve the memory of important individuals and inspire future generations through lasting financial support for St. Ed’s Holy Cross Mission.

CLICK HERE to see a listing of St. Edward High School's Annual and Endowed Funds. 

General Guidelines For Endowed Funds
  • The fund will be held and managed with the pooled assets of St. Edward High School.

  • The principal of the fund must reach a minimum of $50,000 to establish a Named Endowment Fund.

  • Persons establishing a fully funded endowment will be notified each year of the fund’s status.

  • The fund will be listed annually in St. Edward High School’s Annual Report when contributions are made to the fund within the fiscal year and the individual donor(s) and will be recognized for their gift.

  • Future contributions can be designated to the fund, allowing the principal balance to grow.

Continued gifts to an endowed fund aim to grow the principal amount and, in turn, increase vital support for its intended purpose. The larger the fund, the more it can do each year. Anyone can make a charitable gift to an existing endowed fund. Often, donors make these gifts to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, retirement or other milestones. Donors who established the fund (or the fund’s designated contact) get notified of gifts made to the endowed fund.

For additional information, please contact Paul Mocho ’85 at 216.221.3776 x203 or

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