St. Edward High School is once again partnering with College Now Greater Cleveland.  College Now is the oldest nonprofit College Access Network in the country.  Our CN advisor is Mr. Douglas Boes.  Mr. Boes will be on campus throughout the year to assist students and families with all aspects of the financial aid process. He will walk you through the financial aid timeline, which includes helping file the FAFSA and CSS Profile, providing and searching for scholarships and interpreting college award letters. There is no cost for this service, and he will meet with students/parents in the school, virtually or over the phone.  To schedule time with Mr. Boes CLICK HERE and select either 25 minutes or 55 minutes.


The College Conversations Series for the 2020-2021 school year will be recorded and uploaded to PowerSchool. 


The college selection and application process is a time of self-discovery and personal growth. You reflect on your life, evaluating what is meaningful and important to your continued academic and personal growth; and you develop criteria for a college environment that will accommodate these needs. Starting to visit colleges in the middle of junior year helps you to focus on goals for senior year and the future. This experience also allows you to interact with your family on an adult level because you will be making your first major decision as an adult. You need to keep an open mind. There are about three thousand undergraduate institutions in the country, and many are appropriate for each student.

Choosing your college is an interesting and exciting experience. If you begin early and follow the schedule outlined in this handbook, the process will be manageable and successful. Ask questions whenever they arise and adhere to deadlines. You will make a good decision for your future.

Click here to access the complete St. Edward online college handbook.


Resume Templates - Download one of the following resume templates, open it in Word, fill in your information, and save the document to your computer: Classic Resume or Contemporary Resume.

Resume Writing Presentation (.ppt) by Carmine Izzo, class of 1984, President of Amotec, Inc.

Interview Tips by Carmine Izzo, class of 1984, President of Amotec, Inc.


Sample resume from a recent St. Edward alumnus (class of 2007).


Free resume tips specific to high school students from Adventures in Education.


For the most complete and up-to-date list of college representatives visiting St. Edward, click here.

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College and University Admission Representatives - We would be pleased to have you visit St. Edward High School.

To schedule a visit please contact Lois Weaver, our office administrator, at 216-221-4230 or at 

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College Information Sources

A comprehensive list of links to guide you through all aspects of the college selection and application process, including in-depth information on college majors, profiles of Catholic colleges, Service Academy information, and resources on college academic support.


Resources for Student Athletes

This list includes information pertinent to the prospective student-athlete, including NCAA guidelines and college recruiting resources.


Testing Information

A guide to SAT and ACT test preparation and testing.


College Scholarship & Financial Aid Information

Learn how to find and apply for scholarships, how to compare financial aid packages, and more.