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St. Edward asks all students to engage in service learning. Rooted in the Gospel call to "love your neighbor," and our Holy Cross mission to "hope for a world where justice and love prevail," our Service Learning Program encourages students to begin their service journey freshman year, progressively growing as Servant Leaders in our school community and beyond throughout their high school experience.

Students are asked to log their service hours and then reflect upon each experience. By continuing to serve others, the hope is that they will draw new insights about, and deepen their relationships with, those in need as they seek to reach their full potential as an Edsman.

Service Learning is an annual program, not a semester-based program. If a student's hours are complete early in the year, they count toward the annual goal.


NOTICE:  THE NEW SERVICE YEAR STARTS MAY 25, 2024 and runs through May 29, 2025! Any hours logged on May 25 and beyond count toward the 2024-25 service year requirements. 


For more information, contact Mrs. Emily McGee -


All Service Must Be: 

1. Mission-based, helping a cause and/or a vulnerable, at-risk or disadvantaged population; and

2. It must also be done with an agency, church, non-profit, or St. Ed's organized service program. 

Student Requirements

  • Freshmen: 5 hours due by the end of the first semester; 10 total per year. Freshmen are invited to do all of their hours with the St. Ed's Outreach services (i.e., Labre, Community Meal, Produce Distribution, Giving Garden, etc.) (However, this is not mandatory.) Any and all services must meet program parameters.

  • Sophomores: 5 hours due by the end of the first semester; 10 total per year. At least half of their hours should be at a community agency, non-profit, or church, making sure to meet program parameters. Students can also serve in the St. Ed's Outreach programs.

  • Juniors: 7 hours due by the end of the first semester; 14 total per year. Most of their hours should be at a community agency, non-profit, or church. All hours must still meet the program parameters. 

  • Seniors: 10 hours due by the end of the first semester; 20 hours per year. All of their hours (if possible) should be done at the same agency or non-profit, meeting program parameters.

  • Students will track their service hours using the software called Mobile Serve. Students are asked to record all of their qualified service hours on this app (which can be accessed via your phone or personal computer). Signing up is done by going to the following website: Then login using your SEHS email address via Google.

  • Theology teachers will be grading the completion of all service hours and may require additional reflections as part of class assignments.

  • Wondering where to serve? Click HERE to view our service opportunities.

  • What counts as service? Click HERE to view specific parameters on service. 

How to Serve: 

1. Sign up
2. Show up and serve
3. Log hours
4. Reflect on hours
5. Verify hours
6. Repeat!

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Throughout the week, students have the opportunity to serve at local non-profits in areas of poverty,
church ministry, and local community outreach. Some of our non-profit partners include:

  • 2100 Lakeside Men’s Shelter

  • Blessed Trinity Parish

  • Cleveland Book Bank

  • Cleveland Food Bank

  • Cleveland Metroparks

  • Community Corner

  • Crestmont North

  • Drink Local, Drink Tap

  • Ennis Court

  • Habitat for Humanity - WV

  • I’m in Ministry

  • Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation

  • Lakewood Community Services Center 

  • Malachi House

  • Metanoia


  • St. Augustine’s Health Ministries

  • St. Augustine’s Hunger Center

  • St. Coleman

  • St. Herman’s House of Hospitality

  • St. James/St. Clement

  • St. Malachi’s Back Door Ministry

  • St. Patrick’s Community Meal

  • St. Vitus Parish

  • The City Mission

  • The Gathering Place

  • West Side Catholic Center

  • Youth Challenge

  • Zelie’s Home

Summer Service Immersion Programs
For over 25 years, we have hosted summer service trips for students to get involved throughout the United States and globally. Some of the places we have traveled to include, but are not limited to:


  • West Virginia through Habitat for Humanity: This trip has been going for over two decades, building homes for struggling families in rural Appalachia. This has been a wonderful way for our students to serve, learn how to use power tools, and work with housing materials.

  • Nationwide: Summer trips to a variety of locations to allow students to see some of the social service agencies within certain cities (e.g., San Francisco, CA, Buffalo, NY, and Los Angeles, CA). On the trip, students learn about the Corporal Works of Mercy, Catholic Social Teaching, and ways they can make a

  • El Salvador: To address the needs of the poor, and provide English tutoring to citizens.difference in the community by living out these works/teachings.

  • Ghana: We are planning to add a new site to our service immersion programs, traveling to our Holy Cross sister school in Ghana as a way to expand our students’ experiences, encouraging them to grow in new ways while serving those in need.


Labre Ministry
Our Labre ministry allows our students, faculty & staff, alumni, and friends of St. Edward to directly serve the immediate needs of the poor every Thursday through the entire year. The ministry immersion, named after St. Benedict Joseph Labre, the patron saint of the homeless, allows students to see and experience the struggles of our homeless friends on the streets. This ministry is powerful as our students help prepare the meal, meet, and serve our poor brothers and sisters by coming to them (i.e. under the bridges, in vacant lots, woods, etc.). Students hand-deliver food, clothing, hygiene kits, etc. to those we visit each week. This helps to instill in our students that every human being has dignity and that we should be preferential in charity to the poorest among us.

Community Meal Program

For over 25 years we have offered community meal programs at St. Edward High School for people in need within our local community. On the fourth Wednesday of every month, St. Edward hosts this meal in the Commons where 100 people come to eat and enjoy fellowship with our students, parents, and alumni volunteers.


Free Produce Distribution
We host a free produce distribution for people in need on the third Wednesday of the month, seasonally from March to October. We receive 6,000 pounds of produce from the Cleveland Food Bank and distribute to over 100 families each month.


Eagles on Foot
Eagles on Foot started over 15 years ago, with its original purpose to serve the Basil Moreau School in Haiti. This event, traditionally held in the Spring, raised over $85,000 for this effort.


In 2022, St. Ed’s moved the event to the Reunion/Homecoming weekend, and broadened the purpose of the race to encompass our Holy Cross mission in two aspects: 1) to provide microgrants to Holy Cross schools in need, like Haiti, and to 2) provide financial aid to students participating in St. Ed’s planned service immersion trips. These life changing trips help students gain experience as Servant Leaders, qualities that will last a lifetime.

For more information about St. Edward High School’s Service Learning Program, please contact Emily McGee, Director of Service & Outreach by phone: 216.221.3776 x266 or by email
St. Edward High School
13500 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107 216-221-3776


While the term "service” can be used to define a variety of activities, in order to receive credit, a "service” activity should meet the following basic guidelines:


  • Your service has taken you beyond the bounds of family and friendship into the greater community. Helping family members does not qualify as community service. (E.g. washing the dishes, cleaning your room, shoveling grandma’s driveway, etc.)

  • Your service could be defined as one of the "Corporal Works of Mercy” OR should be an expression of one of the "Charisms of Holy Cross”:

Corporal Works of Mercy:

Feed the Hungry

Give drink to the thirsty

Clothe the Naked

Shelter the Homeless

Visit the sick

Visit the imprisoned

Bury the dead

Charisms of Holy Cross:

Filled with a spirit of hospitality

Committed to building positive relationships

Enlivened by zeal and tempered with humility

Bringing daily hope in the Cross of Christ

Trusting always in Divine Providence

  • Your service has challenged you beyond your comfort zone.

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