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St. Edward is proud to introduce a new Innovation initiative: our Concentrations program. 


In the 2019-2020 school year, St. Edward will pilot five Concentrations for rising sophomores; for students who choose to enroll, each Concentration will lead them through a specific sequence of courses, and empower them to connect that on-campus learning to real world field work, service learning, internships, competitions, etc. 


In sum, each Concentration will include five components: 


  • a robust, interdisciplinary Course Track that will enable students to make meaningful connections across classes

  • External Validation via competitions and feedback from relevant industry leaders in Greater Cleveland

  • significant Field Work and/or internship experience

  • a Portfolio curated over five semesters 

  • Service Learning projects, tailored to leverage students’ academic skills and passions

Moreover, these Concentrations provide students with the competence to see and courage to act in four distinct ways:

  • Become Who You Want to Be

  • Have Your Work Championed and Reviewed by Industry Leaders

  • Amplify Your Capacity to Serve and to Innovate

  • Multiply Your Perspectives and Problem-Solving Abilities through Interdisciplinary Learning

Below is more information on St. Ed's International Mindedness & Multicultural Studies Concentration:

Concentrations_International Mindedness.
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