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Students who complete the IB Diploma Programme earn a high school diploma and the internationally recognized IB Diploma. Due to the exceptional work students engage in throughout their IB diploma experience, IB course are college credit earning courses. The amount of college credit students are eligible to receive depends on both the colleges and universities the student is applying to as well as the scores the student earns in his various subjects.  
Visit our IB College Credit Database to search for universities and colleges that accept IB college credit. 
Did You Know? 
Research has shown that the IB Diploma Programme increases academic achievement and the probability of university enrollmentIBDP students report gaining useful skills and dispositions from the IB Diploma Programme that are helpful in further education and the professional realm, such as writing skills, critical thinking skills, time-management and international mindedness. 
IBDP students often attend top-ranked universities around the world and are more likely than A-level students to engage in further studies after completion of a higher education degree. US IBDP students are also 20% more likely than other similar students to graduate from secondary school. 
There are nearly 3,000 schools in over 143 countries currently offering the IB Diploma Programme. IBDP graduates have said that they adapted more easily to the work requirements at universities than non-DP graduates. In the UK, IBDP graduates often advance to careers in science and technology, health, social work, education and public service. 
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