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Greg Miranda '05
Connecting Students and Alumni

Connections is a partnership between the St. Edward College Counseling Department, Student Life Department, Institutional Advancement and St. Edward Alumni. This unique program provides St. Edward students at every grade the opportunity to explore a variety of careers, hone their resume writing and interviewing skills, and develop professional mentor relationships with fellow St. Edward Alumni.

The College Counseling Department provides professions of interest based both on student interest and the department's research of professional needs and trends. Connections has three prongs including Pizza and a Profession; Pizza and a Resume; and Pizza and an Interview. The combination of accomplished Alumni and open-minded students (fueled by pizza) leads to delicious discourse, professional relationships and academic exploration.

Pizza and a Resume

Pizza and a Resume pairs St. Edward High School College Counseling with students to create and polish a resume for college applications, scholarship applications, interviews, summer programs and internships.

Pizza and an Interview

Pizza and an Interview pairs accomplished Alumni John Kolencik ’83 and Tom Kueller ’79 with students to practice and refine interview techniques for entrance into colleges, universities and scholars programs, as well as winning collegiate scholarships. A special thank you to John Kolencik​ '83 and Tom Kueller '79 for facilitating Pizza and an Interview.

Pizza and a Profession

Pizza and a Profession introduces St. Ed’s students to different academic and professional topics. This program utilizes the experience of professionals in the St. Edward community who engage students in lively discussions during the Community Period during the middle of the school day.


St. Edward High School would like to thank our speakers and volunteers who help make Pizza and a Profession possible.

Speakers during the 2017 - 2018 academic year include:

Dr. Aaron Costin ’07  
Andy Deak ’98

Eric Diamond '90 
Tom Drobnak ’82 
Mike Kowalski ’97 
Kevin Krueger ’90 
Andy Lembach ’99 
Jim Miketo ’04 
Kelley Moran ’82 
Christian Morton ’11 
Michael Murray ’02 
Tim Needles ’78 


Speakers during the 2016 - 2017 academic year include:

Michael Carlin ’87

Edward Fasko ’69

Tim Hirzel ’89 

Rolland Johns ’61

Randy Kerans ’86

Sean Kueller ’07

Councilman John Litten ’97  

Joe Miketo ’75

Greg Miranda ’05  

Shaun Moizuk ’05

Dr. Aaron Quarles ’06

Richard Rosfelder ’66

Thomas Michael Tomsik ’77

Councilman Matt Zone ’81  

Speakers during the 2015 - 2016 academic year include:

Joseph Abounader ’07

Robert Cahill ’93

Thomas Corrigan ’68

Janet Dorenkott

Jeffrey Dorenkott ’83

Dr. Martin Frantz ’83

Brian Gaul ’79

John Grecol ’03

Owen Humpage ’68

Lawrence Jansen ’70

Matthew McGowan ’01

Peter McKenna ’82

Sean McNeeley ’88

James Pearce ’71

Andrew Tabar ’05

Jonathan Tabar ’99

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