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The St. Andre's Scholars Program at St. Edward High School works alongside Entrepreneurship and Engineering departments to create an annual product to share with the St. Ed's community during the holiday season. 

This year's release are St. Edward themed wooden clocks. These 9"x13" wall-hanging clocks that are battery operated (batteries not included).

Select one of the following clock designs or purchase a 3-pack that will include one of each design:
  1. St. Edward Oval E Clock

  2. St. Edward Crest Clock

  3. St. Edward Eagle Clock

Cost & Delivery Options: 

Individual Clock + Pickup at St. Eds's: $20 

Clock 3-Pack + Pickup at St. Ed's: $50

Individual Clock + Shipping: $35

Clock 3-Pack + Shipping: $65

You will be emailed when your order is ready for pickup or has been shipped! 


All proceeds will go to the St. Andre Scholars program. The St. Andre's Scholars program at St. Edward High School seeks to make a quality Catholic Education available for students with moderate cognitive disabilities or learning differences which indicate a need for extensive academic support.

Thank you for contributing to the St. Andre's Scholars Shop!
Click HERE for more information about the St. Andre's Scholars program at St. Edward High School. 
Questions? Please contact Renee Zorger at
St. Edward Oval E Clock 
Oval E Clock.jpg
St. Edward Crest Clock
Crest Clock.jpg
St. Edward Eagle Clock 
Eagle Clock.jpg
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