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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Holy Cross Values


Congratulations to Social Studies teacher Sean Cahill, the 2023 recipient of the NHS Br. Majella Hegarty, C.S.C. Excellence in Teaching Award. Since 2014, the St. Ed's chapter of the National Honor Society has recognized one teacher each year with the Br. Majella Hegarty, C.S.C. Excellence in Teaching Award. The award is named after Br. Majella Hegarty, C.S.C., a Holy Cross educator who was responsible for the formation of many teachers in the Midwest in the mid-20th century.

"Br. Majella was known to be a 'teacher of teachers' and to be the recipient of the award named in his honor is a privilege hard to put into words," says Mr. Cahill. "The men here at St. Ed's is what continues to give me strength. Our Edsmen are phenomenal young men and they deserve my best each day. The mission of our school, grounded in the tradition of Holy Cross, is our guiding light. Ensuring our young men are competent to see and can find the courage to act is my daily charge. I will continue to work toward that goal every day and find that it is a goal that is always worth striving for."

As a Social Studies teacher and the Director of St. Ed's Liturgical Choir, Mr. Cahill incorporates his passions into his profession and strives to continue learning and challenging himself as an educator while teaching to the future. "I love teaching social studies because it's a field that always developing. Teaching government today is wildly different than teaching government yesterday. This field keeps me on my toes and there's no other field quite like it. I love the challenge and thrive off the opportunity to bring world issues in front of our students every day," says Mr. Cahill. "Teaching to the future is what I do every day. I teach these young men so they can join in global discussions. I want our Edsmen to leave St. Ed's, go into the world, and be a part of something bigger than the school, bigger than their own worldly views. These young men are our future and I cannot begin to express the overwhelming amount of joy I find knowing I can be a small part of their journey along the way."

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