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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Excellence in College Prep


Our newly launched Admissions campaign asks students, "What's Your Story?," encouraging them to share their stories about who they are and how they make an impact on the St. Ed's community. As we make greater strides to place our students' voices at the center of the IB experience, we invite our community to listen to excerpts of our new IB podcast series entitled "PodCAS," a play on words from focus on Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).

This quarter, St. Ed's IB Instagram page will feature the voices of our current IB Senior Student Council (Ian Fairfield' 22, Adam Mocho '22, Jeremiah Ratcliff '22, Sam Richardson '22 and Tory Williams '22). As the junior IB candidates become acclimated to their new station in the school, they too will be invited to share their perspectives and voices. "Intertwined with our IB Program is our dedication to developing St. Ed's as a hub for interdisciplinary learning in greater Cleveland," says Associate Dean of Academics & IB Coordinator Nick Kuhar. "To that end, our Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning Committee, comprised of Mr. JC Froelich '08, Mrs. Lisa Hardin, Mr. Anthony Mortimer, Ms. Lydia Munnell, Mr. KC McKenna '00, Mr. Bob Schenosky, Mr. Matt Stepnowsky and myself, will be recording and publishing regular podcasts about how and why we believe interdisciplinary learning is central to our mission to 'teach to the future.' At its core, St. Ed's is devoted to hospitality and nurturing relationships; interdisciplinary learning insists that we work proactively to empower students to see and act upon connections across subjects. As Mr. Jim Kubacki has said for years, 'If we accept the premise that understanding a question from every possible perspective is critical to solving complex problems, then why would we choose to teach in silos?' We do not live in silos and solve problems day-to-day from a single perspective. From our smartphones to morning cup of coffee, we use the fruits of interdisciplinary thinking every day. With IB's interdisciplinary learning framework, we are committed to intentionally empowering students to access this rich approach to problem solving." St. Ed's will be sharing multiple excerpts every week on our IB Instagram account. We invite you to follow us at @wearesteds_theib to hear more about our students IB experiences at St. Edward High School.


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