Best of the Week: Excellence in College Prep



The St. Edward Flight Magazine staff produces a yearly literary magazine that features student creative writing, photography and artwork, or any other product of student creativity worthy of publication. Every year, the Flight Magazine awards a student with a $500 scholarship for their commitment to the magazine and creative improvement in their writing skills and artwork. Congratulations to Max Maline '19 (photographed with his parents at this week's Academic Awards Night Ceremony) and St. Ed's alum Patrick Adams '18 who were chosen as this year's Flight Magazine Scholarship recipients for their work featured in Flight Magazine.

"Max is the recipient of the Flight Magazine Volume 64 Scholarship based on his artistic talent, his commitment to the production of Flight, and for his high level of appreciation for the arts on our campus and beyond," says Dean of Students and Flight Magazine Moderator, Mr. Mark Urban. "As an artist during his freshman year, Max seemed quite excited to merely be published in Flight for the first time, but Flight Volume 62 was the beginning of a four year commitment to his illustrative talent and his willingness to take artistic risks through Mr. Kinley's guidance and his own volition. Now, Max has been published in Flight every year of his St. Edward tenure. Max's formation as an artist matches his formation as a young man - he is mature, composed, articulate, family-focused, faith-centric and visionary."

"It's quite an honor to know that my work was recognized and that I was able to contribute in such a way that it led me to this scholarship," says Max. "I've enjoyed seeing my family and friends appreciate the magazine as a whole, not just my contributions. Seeing my mom smile when she opens up a page, pointing out to others, 'Look what Max did!' fills me with so much pride and joy. I remember first learning how to paint in Mr. Shaun Kinley's class. I was so fearful of it but he told me, 'If someone wants the world to be perfect, they would take a picture of it.' He taught me how to add my own twist and spin on things, to go crazy and not be afraid to explore as an artist. I encourage everyone who's thought about taking up art or creative writing to just try it. If you don't like it that's ok. Not everyone is da Vinci, but everyone can express