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Best of the Week: Holy Cross Values


Last Saturday, the Logistics and Commercial Standards (LCS) division of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, along with troopers and dispatchers from Post 18 in Cleveland, held their second annual "Can the Cruiser" event at the Giant Eagle store in North Olmsted. This event was part of the third annual "Kenny Velez 0511" Week, during which troopers and staff from the OSP Cleveland District perform community service projects in memory of Trooper Kenny Velez, who was killed in the line of duty in September 2016. This year, the "Can the Cruiser" Food Drive was also held in memory of Motor Carrier Supervisor Mark Lambert '76, a St. Edward alum and native of North Olmsted, who passed away suddenly in March 2018.

Since Mr. Lambert was a fellow Edsman, Luke McCann '22 and Tom Kuemerle '22 volunteered their time to honor the brotherhood they share with Mr. Lambert and to take part in collecting food and raising money to feed families in need within our community. "Tom was a great person to volunteer at this event with," says Luke. "He gave up his time to help me for the day and it was very helpful to have a friend to do this with. He did an exceptional job and I couldn't have asked any more from him." As part of their Theology class taught by Mr. John Barrett '11, Luke and Tom helped pass out flyers to promote the food drive and worked at Saturday's event to help with the collection of donations. "I believe students should seize any opportunity they can, even if it means devoting hours out of your day, to help serve others," says Luke. "It's an amazing feeling to see how your help can positively impact other people."

Last year, the "Can the Cruiser" Food Drive collected $200 in cash donations for Harvest for Hunger and the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. This year, the "Can the Cruiser" Food Drive successfully increased their efforts to collect over $1,139 in cash donations and almost 2,500 pounds of food. Luke hopes to host a similar event at St. Ed's this upcoming fall. Thanks to Luke and Tom's teamwork and service, they exemplified our Holy Cross values through their servant leadership at the "Can the Cruiser" Food Drive and by giving their time to remember a fellow Edsman.

Check out a quick clip from News 5 Cleveland (0:35-1:00) covering the "Can the Cruiser" Food Drive.

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