Best of the Week 2019-2020: Teaching to the Future


On Wednesday, St. Ed's welcomed students from Saint Albert the Great's seventh and eighth grade classes for a Young Innovators' Institute field trip. Through the Young Innovators' Institute, the students from Saint Albert the Great have worked diligently over the course of 13 weeks through each step of the design cycle. This process has included brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and most recently, script writing for their product marketing campaigns. Students spent a full day on St. Ed's campus utilizing the Lowe Institute for Innovation, makerspaces, and film labs in order complete their physical products and to create their marketing commercials. Using everything from laser cutters to professional Sony cameras, students had any resource they needed at their fingertips to design their products, write out their advertisement scripts across the dry-erase walls of the Ideation Space, and film their commercials like a pro.

"This experience was a perfect mix of St. Ed's resources, spaces and people, but I think it's the people who really make the most difference," says Associate Dean of Academics and IB Coordinator Mr. Nick Kuhar. "Dan Mackin '04, Director of Admission, and Principal KC McKenna '00, always work at this level where they believe everyone is capable of great things and of creatively solving problems. It's a huge benefit to gift young students with professional equipment and to watch them become comfortable enough with it and feel like they can see their own growth as artists and makers."

"I most enjoyed the eagerness with which the students from Saint Albert the Great approached each step of the design process," says Mr. Mackin. "Whether they were deciding on the name of their product, materials to be used, or the best camera angle for a scene in their commercial, excited voices and energy were present in each discussion."

St. Ed's Young Innovators' Institute seeks to fully engage students in the design cycle to launch new ideas, create solutions and dive into cutting edge innovation to create well-rounded imaginers, creators and innovators. While providing students with the resources and equipment to create a successful product, these experiences are created so that students are faced with challenges throughout the process to activate their problem-solving skills.