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Best of the Week 2020-2021: Holy Cross Values



On Wednesday morning, St. Ed's invited the community to virtually celebrate an all-school liturgy for St. André Bessette, C.S.C., the first saint of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Known for his hospitality and selflessness, St. André serves as a Holy Cross model for helping others. Celebrant Fr. Brogan Ryan from the University of Notre Dame, twin brother of St. Ed's Mathematics Department Chair Brendan Ryan, centered his homily on wisdom, both in light of the Epiphany and drawing on the revered wisdom of St. André.

"Knowing what you can do and what you can't do, knowing when you can act and when you are out of your league: that is wisdom. We should celebrate that," says Fr. Brogan. "St. André was the exact opposite of the Magi: he was not educated, he was poor and ill in health for most of his life. His heroic virtue didn't come from these things, but from his deep faith and great wisdom. In his wisdom, he knew what was in his power, what was in his control, and what wasn't. So he did what he could and as a wise doorkeeper he became a miracle worker."

As we prepare for the new year ahead, Fr. Brogan encouraged our community to channel St. André's wisdom and the wisdom of the Magi in the decisions we make moving forward in our life and in our faith. "From Fr. Brogan's homily, I think about who is knocking on my door, and how I receive them," says Campus Minister Cari White. "Do I make time for the family member that calls to talk late at night when I'm tired and I want to go to sleep? Do I stop and help the person on the corner of the highway exit ramp looking for some food or assistance? Do I always let in the student or colleague who needs help or to talk, especially when I have something pressing to do? That's what St. André did, and I thought this was a great reminder for all of us this week." As St. André opened the door and welcomed guests with unwavering faith, so should we recognize our faith and welcome it in. As the Magi put their trust completely in the star of Bethlehem, knocking on a manger door with faith in their hearts, so should we place our trust in the Lord and have the courage to open the door when He knocks. "At some point in each of our lives, God will knock at the doors of our hearts and we'll find ourselves standing at that door, answering that knock," says Fr. Brogan. "The invitation is for us to see in the life of St. André an example of what to do when we don't know the answer to that knock, but to be wise in our response."

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