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Best of the Week 2020-2021: Teaching to the Future


After a school year without mixers or a Homecoming Dance, St. Ed's wanted to provide the Class of 2021 with a memorable prom experience to end the year. Choosing to host this special event on campus for the first time in years, Edsmen, faculty, staff, and parent volunteers put in an exceptional amount of work to transform the Palisin Commons, McCormick Family Courtyard and Main Gymnasium into a "Night of a Thousand Lights." With the assisted leadership of Associate Dean of Student Life & Leadership Matt Wallenhorst '05, Custodial Services & Event Setup Supervisor Nathan Hardin, senior class moderators Brian Ansberry '99 and Owen Williams '13, and Parents Club President Heather Kaesgen and co-moderator Mo Loesch, a group of dedicated seniors led by Michael Kane '21 and Man of the Year Richie Pokrywka '21 worked from start to finish on decorations, set up, take down and the overall innovative vision for the Class of 2021 Prom and After-Prom. "These guys came up with a lot of different ideas and cool elements to use in spaces all around the school. Michael has helped set up so many events at St. Ed's during his four years here and had a great understanding of how to best decorate the school. He and Richie researched plenty of event warehouses to figure out a way to create the best experience for their peers while staying within budget," says Mr. Wallenhorst. "From the lighting and ceiling drapery hung in the gym to the towered lights at the front entrance, our students really made the school look like a totally different space. I think their classmates noticed all the work that went into it and loved all the details they added. My favorite space transformation was the two waterfall fountains students built that decorated the lobby. They lit the water as it cascaded for a really awesome effect. This was Michael's idea which was beautifully executed." From welcoming popular Cleveland food trucks for students to enjoy throughout the night to gifting individual After-Prom gifts to every Edsman, the Class of 2021 Prom and After-Prom was a team effort that the whole community rallied behind in order to give our graduating seniors the best St. Ed's prom experience.

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