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Best of the Week 2020-2021: Teaching to the Future


Daniel McNamara '23 is making strides in becoming an entrepreneur as the cofounder and CEO of Porchside Deliveries, a cost-effective meal and grocery delivery service to support local businesses and help Lakeside residents relax and enjoy their stay. "After talking with some friends, we realized there was a considerable need for food delivery services in Lakeside, Ohio and I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur," says Daniel. "Starting Porchside Deliveries has given me a new perspective on how the business world works. My company strives to bring people together, both at the dinner table and by bridging the gap between the people of Lakeside and the local businesses that surround them. This company has given me first-hand experience in the creation and management of a small business."

After launching Porchside Deliveries back in December 2020, Daniel is dedicating his time to marketing and networking efforts to increase his customer base and business connections. "The most considerable challenge that Porchside Deliveries has faced is pitching our idea to local restaurants who are already very risk-averse because they operate on razor-thin margins. Porchside Deliveries has already partnered with one restaurant and is currently in discussion with four others," says Daniel. "What makes Porchside Deliveries so appealing is that it's similar to DoorDash and Uber Eats, but we only charge our customers a 2.5% maximum service fee, whereas the other companies can charge up to 20%." Having vacationed with his family in Lakeside for years, Daniel recognized the challenges he, his family, and his grandparents faced when trying to stock up on groceries for their stay or enjoy a hot meal after a day of traveling or excursions. "The closest grocery stores are in a congested area of town with difficult parking and, for older residents like my grandparents, going to the store and lugging groceries up stairs and into their cottage is a hassle. Our goal is for Porchside Deliveries to provide timely, hassle-free, and affordable delivery of groceries and meals to the people of Lakeside. With a user-friendly order form on our website and an intentional focus on customer service, we want to build relationships and trust with our customers to grow our business and serve a larger population."


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