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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Excellence in College Prep


St. Ed's Wrestling Team finished their season this past week as reigning champs, bringing home both the Duals and State Championships this year. Winning St. Ed's 42nd State Championship, our Wrestling Eagles battled strong and claimed victory as a team and individually, win seniors Evan Bennett '22 and Luke Geog '22 winning as individual champions.

"I'm most proud of how our team competed and the composure they had throughout the entire season through wins, losses, and injuries - everyone kept a clear head and worked to achieve the ultimate goal," says Luke. "This was my first time competing at the Schottenstein Center - it wasn't different from other competitions but the atmosphere was unmatched. Winning my State Championship and leading this team to both a Duals Team and State Individual Title is something I'll always remember, including the bond I have built with my teammates and how close we all are. I've learned that you never lose in this sport. You either win or you learn and it's how you deal with a setback that determines your future. Trust in God through every high and low in life and in whatever the sport throws at you. This is truly an unbelievable feeling - a dream come true and an answered prayer."

"I am most proud of how our team reacted toward adversity over the span of the three day tournament. This past weekend showed the strength, grit and character of our wrestlers. They never lost faith, and they continued to show why St. Ed's is the powerhouse of Ohio," says Evan. "Helping my fellow brothers achieve their long-term goals means everything to me. I will always remember putting smiles on their faces and guiding them through their own tribulations. It is more than just wrestling. I question myself, 'How can I be the best person each day?' Whether that be on the mat or in the classroom, I can say I gave it my all. I'm proud to say that I am St. Ed's 116th State Champion. There are very few people that are acclaimed with this prestigious honor, but it would never be possible without the coaches and faculty at St. Edward High School." Luke and Evan, along with Wyatt Richter '22 and Chance Robinson '22, were true leaders to their underclassmen teammates, especially the freshmen and sophomores who made it all the way to the finals. "It shows what we do here. It shows the caliber of wrestling we have in our room. Freshmen making the finals, especially Jarrell Miller '25 and Adam Butler '25. These guys are studs. St. Ed's is in good hands. I'm glad to leave it where it is."

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