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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Excellence in College Prep


With 55 colleges and universities in attendance, St. Ed's hosted an outdoor college fair for all students on Thursday. Making the college fair accessible for all grade levels, the College Counseling Department worked with Edsmen through their Theology classes in preparation for this networking opportunity, talking about various approaches to connecting with college representatives and how to discern about the college process. "We missed having college reps visit us on-campus last year, so we are very excited to welcome them back for the college fair this year as well as individual visits," says College Counseling Department Chair Moira O'Riordan. "College reps always tell us how much they love this fair at St. Ed's and being given the opportunity to establish a connection with our students, especially the juniors and seniors. For some students, this is a reminder that college is not that far off and they either need to keep up the good work or work harder in the academic realm to achieve their aspirations." With the benefit of hosting the college fair early in the school year, students are able to form early relationships with college reps and find schools that speak to them and resonate with their interests and talents. "We've explained to our Edsmen that the college fair is a great opportunity to show a school they are interested in them and to fill out information cards to receive future communications from the schools they like best," says Mrs. O'Riordan. "Establishing a good relationship with a college rep has benefited our students so much in the past and in many ways. These reps become advocates for our students and their relationships can really make a difference in our students' college discernment process."

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