Best of the Week 2021-2022: Holy Cross Values


As Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C., wrote, "With eyes of faith consider the greatness of your mission and the wonderful amount of good which you can accomplish." This year, St. Ed's mission is to once again partner with Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation (LCAC) for our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. In collaboration with LCAC, St. Ed's Thanksgiving Food Drive hosted by our Student Ministry Team will help feed families in need in Lakewood during the holiday season. Our goal is to feed a minimum of 200 families by raising $10,000 for our community in need.

Rather than accepting food donations, this year's food drive will accept cash or online donations that will cover the cost for a Thanksgiving feast (i.e. - $1.00 purchases a can of cranberry sauce; $5.00 purchases sweet potatoes and dinner rolls; $10.00 purchases mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie; $25 purchases turkey and stuffing and $50 purchases a full Thanksgiving dinner). Knowing that students will be asking for monetary donations this year, the service element of this year's Thanksgiving Food Drive encourages students to do acts of service that correlate to the amount they wish to donate. For example, instead of simply asking parents, guardians, neighbors, or family for $5-$50, students can first do household chores, rake their next-door neighbors' leaves, or plan and serve a full meal for their own family. With simple actions of kindness and service, this year's Thanksgiving Food Drive hopes to spark our students' desire to have more of a powerful impact for those closest to them and kickstart the holiday season focused on servant leadership, generosity, and spreading joy. On behalf of St. Edward High School, we thank you in advance for your support to feed the hungry in our community. Together, we can accomplish great things. Click here to contribute to St. Ed's 2021 Thanksgiving Food Drive. The Thanksgiving Food Drive will remain open for donations until midnight tonight, November 19.