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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Holy Cross Values


Last week, St. Ed's took students on the first Kairos retreat of the school year, taking time to have small group discussions, participate in large group activities and prayer, and reflecting on their individual relationships with God, others and themselves. "Students are given time for conversation and individual reflection and prayer. Through shared stories and experiences, students are led by a group of senior students who have previously attended the retreat, and faculty and staff members who help them to think about the key relationships in their lives and ideally grow in faith," says Director of Campus Ministry Cari White. "Kairos was a really positive experience for me," says Jaden Stainforth '23. "Although it is hard to put into words the effect the retreat had on me personally, I know that I am a changed man. I know that I will cherish the ones I love more and I will live in the moment more from this experience. Every day is a gift from God and life is precious. Kairos was truly transformative and it was an experience that I will remember for a lifetime. It was an experience that will have a positive impact on my life forever." "This retreat helped me to be more present and appreciate the simple things in life," says Evan Typpo '22. "Additionally, I learned that prioritizing healthy relationships is good for the soul." "Because of Kairos, I learned that everyone is on the same playing field. We’re all suffering from the same daily anxieties even if they show up in different ways. That’s why it’s so important to be ourselves and be as we are," says Isaac Cudnik '23. "For me, Kairos was a bit of a world-shaking experience," says Maxwell Hoelker '22. "Honestly, I think it taught me how to be a better human being, which is to be a better follower of Christ." "Kairos was an immersive experience in which I was able to better understand my relationships with myself, others, and God," says Seamus McGinty '23. "The Kairos experience was wonderful. The opportunity to interact with the students outside of the school setting was a joy. I was able to create meaningful relationships with young men I would not have otherwise crossed paths with in the normal day to day. I look forward to participating in this impactful experience again in the future," says Associate Director of Admission Matt Bertrams. "As a new staff member, I think Kairos made me solidify my understanding of what the 'E' really stands for at St. Edward High School," says Math teacher Jacob Solomon. "To me, the 'E' is made up of elite humans with big hearts all tied together through faith. I will cherish my first ever Kairos experience forever, but it definitely won't be my last!" Having taken more students than usual in previous years of Kairos retreats, students had a memorable and reflective experience and even more Edsmen will be able to look forward to the same experience this spring for the second Kairos retreat that will be held in April.

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