Best of the Week 2021-2022: Holy Cross Values


Last weekend, Basketball Head Coach Eric Flannery '90 celebrated his 500th win after St. Ed's beat Medina winning the Lakewood Districts on Saturday night. With a personalized St. Ed's jersey, Coach Flan celebrated his milestone accomplishment surrounded by student athletes, colleagues, family and friends. "The 500 wins is a big number and represents the program that we have built here at St. Ed's. I may be the name associated with the number but it represents so much more than that. The players, managers, assistant coaches, the families, and the community of St. Ed's is what that number represents. All the people involved have made our program and our culture successful," says Coach Flannery. "To be able to do this at my alma mater is extra special. The long legacy of my family members that have gone through St. Ed's really makes this about family and relationships. Relationships have always been the cornerstone of our program and I feel that is what I am most proud of, the young men that continue to stay in touch and continue to build our relationships long after they have gone is most rewarding." The relationships that form the backbone of St. Ed's builds a familial community, and Coach Flannery attributes his greatest successes to his family. "My wife, Lori, and our kids have helped build this program to what it is today. Lori has been by my side from day one, bringing our four children to games, practices, and camps since they all were born. She has always been behind the scenes, yet anyone who knows the program knows her. To be able to watch my girls play at St. Joseph Academy and to coach my own son's four years here at St. Ed's, that has been extra special in my overall coaching experience and I would not trade it for anything." Congratulations to Coach Flannery on reaching 500 wins and creating a lasting legacy built upon the special relationships made at St. Ed's!