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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Teaching to the Future


At the beginning of Summer 2021, St. Ed's hired Ms. Jennifer Pflaum to organize, catalog and appraise the historical artifacts that have filled the Br. Bennet Nettleton, C.S.C. Museum for many years. Through her services, Ms. Pflaum created an online database that archived all artifacts and souvenirs from the Br. Bennet Museum for students, faculty, staff and alums to access at all times. With the intent to enhance the use of the museum's history and continue the legacy that Br. Bennet left behind at St. Ed's, our community can continue to utilize the museum electronically through interdisciplinary actions for current and future students and courses.

"The new database which is still a work in progress allows our museum to come alive," says Social Studies Department Chair Mrs. Suzanne Fairfield. "I am confident that both Brother Bennet and Jim Wallenhorst '74 would be pleased that the artifacts that have been collected for decades are now accessible to all, not just those who have had the privilege of having those master teachers. What the database also allows is for the artifacts to be used in an interdisciplinary fashion. The collection is filled with artifacts that cross a multitude of disciplines and thus the collection can reach the entirety of our community as I'm sure Br Bennet would have intended."

Br. Bennet Nettleton, C.S.C. was a member of the faculty at St. Edward High School from 1953 until 2001 and has the unique distinction of being the longest serving member of the St. Edward High School faculty. His teaching career spanned from the first graduating class to the Class of 2004. Over time Brother’s classroom became a museum, which has become the focus of attention for students, parents, alumni and the community. For years, students have enjoyed the “hands on” experience of history. Whether it was a Prussian helmet, an Egyptian relic or a Confederate sword, students could touch and feel history. After graduation, many alumni on their travels would add to his collection. Brother left his collection of artifacts to the school to continue his tradition of letting students experience history, and the creation of the Br. Bennet Museum Archives will do just that. Click here to access the new Br. Bennet Museum Archives online.

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