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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Teaching to the Future


Inspired by the infamous Humans of New York Project, Film teacher Mr. Will Fistek thought that a Humans of St. Ed's Project would be a great way for students to take an introspective look at their own lives and present those findings to the rest of the school. The launch of the project will be housed in the Intro to Visual Storytelling freshman class where students will be writing a personal narrative, taking photos of each other, and curating the content to be presentable to the Edsman Newspaper. The second step of this project will ask students to interview faculty and staff at St. Ed's and publish interviews with them as well. "My goal is that this will help the new Edsmen make connections with the adults within the community while also making readers of the Edsman aware of all the great faculty and staff members that we have in our community," says Mr. Fistek. "One thing that is necessary for a community project like this is having a community that is receptive toward collaboration. St. Ed's is so dedicated to fueling collaboration! After talking to fellow colleagues about the project, I can honestly say that it is amazing for me to be able to easily meet with others and share exciting ideas within a school community focused on continually innovating education." The Humans of St. Ed's project will act as a looking glass into our students' lives, unveiling what makes them who they are. This platform will encourage individuality and provide an opportunity for the St. Ed's community to understand our Edsmen on a deeper level. I wanted to introduce a project to my students to help them understand the basic components of a camera and photography. This project will do just that while also giving our newest students an opportunity to take a deeper look into who they are while also connecting with the adult community around them," says Mr. Fistek. "Students connect through shared experiences and, as a result, feel more engaged and connected to their community. I hope students who will be featured in this project will develop a sense of honor and pride in the experiences that have made them who they are."


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