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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Excellence in College Prep


Every year, before the first semester comes to an end, St. Ed's College Counseling department meets with current juniors during their English and Theology classes for a week-long College Counseling Bootcamp. This hands-on workshop provides students with an extended collaborative period with our college counselors as they go over a myriad of college prep basics, from an essay workshop using an exercise from The College Essay Guy to getting started on the Common Application that they'll submit in the fall.

"This is always my favorite time of the year when we can interact with our students more and help them check things off the college application process checklist. We understand that it can be hard to not only write an essay, but to write it about yourself and be authentic and vulnerable at the same time. These essays are vital to allowing any college or university the chance to get to know a different side of our students than what they see on their transcripts," says College Counselor Alicia Watts. "On top of all of this, this bootcamp gets our upperclassmen thinking about and starting their resumes and scholarship applications so that they can be best prepared for their senior year."

"St. Ed's College Counseling Bootcamp week is an opportunity for our juniors to set aside time to focus on the many aspects of the college admissions process. It's a productive week, but we make sure to keep things fun for them and boosting morale with special prizes while they achieve milestones in their work," says College Counselor Desiree Rodriguez-Gould.

From collaborative college essay brainstorming sessions, an introduction to writing an extracurricular resume, and group discussions about recommendation letters and scholarship opportunities, St. Ed's College Counseling Bootcamp ensures students get a head start on the upcoming college application season.

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