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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Teaching to the Future


Expanding the interdisciplinary opportunities of St. Ed's Giving Garden, Language Acquisition Department Chair Lisa Hardin worked with a group of Edsmen to create "St. Eggward," a student-run business selling the eggs laid from the hens in St. Ed's backyard garden. The chickens have only been a part of St. Ed's Giving Garden for less than a year and already have increased the entrepreneurial creativity of our students. St. Eggward has brought together a group of students with diverse interests, talents and skills. Van Weinmann '23 designed the "St. Eggward" logo which gets printed on each egg carton sold, thanks to the laser engraving skills of Ty Wiggenhorn '23, who has used this experience as part of his IB CAS project, pushing himself to learn a new engineering skill.

Brendan Smith '23 has used his web design and digital marketing skills to build out the St. Eggward website to collect and manage orders. Taking responsibility to handle the orders that come through, Daniel McNamara '23 manages the finances of all orders and works with St. Ed's Business Office each week to deposit all sales.

Thanks to Johnny Mendoza '24, each carton of eggs has been safely delivered every Friday to purchasers' classrooms or offices. Faculty and staff will also find Johnny around the school throughout the week with a box of egg cartons for sale. Student leaders Sam Clemente '23 and Cooper Meneghetti '24 have been extra helpful in working with the St. Andre scholars three times a week to gather the eggs from the chicken coop in the mornings before class.

With designated roles, St. Eggward has officially opened for business, taking egg orders for St. Ed's faculty and staff members only, which has already created a waitlist due to high demand and interest. Click here to visit the St. Eggward website. Currently with nine hens in the Giving Garden that are producing about four dozen eggs a week, St. Ed's is excitedly expecting eight more new chicks arriving next Monday. As the flock grows in the next few months, we hope to expand the business and be able to sell to St. Edward families soon.


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