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Best of the Week 2022-2023: Teaching to the Future


St. Ed's new Sports Marketing Club met this week with special guest Christina Capadona-Schmitz, Chief Marketing Officer for Oswald Companies and member of St. Ed's Board of Trustees, and Dave Jacobs, Vice Chairman for Unison Risk Advisors & Oswald Companies. Christina leads all marketing, communications, community and media efforts for Oswald Companies, including sports marketing partnerships with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Browns and other smaller partnerships with universities like Baldwin Wallace University. As a Baldwin Wallace grad, Christina is a former softball player and previously gained sports marketing experience interning with the Sports Information and University Relations Department. Christina invited her boss, Dave to join her to share their sports marketing expertise and work experience together. Dave currently leads mergers and acquisitions strategies for Oswald Companies and Union Risk Advisors and has worked closely with sports clients on complex risk management and insurance. Dave also serves on the Business Council for Haslam Sports, working with teams including the Cleveland Browns and the Columbus Crew, and does work for the Canton Pro Football Hall of Fame Village.

Christina and Dave spoke to Sports Marketing Edsmen about the importance of brand recognition, pay-to-play business strategy, investment analyses, brand expansion, and the importance of business connections and relationships. Students were able to hear firsthand how Christina and Dave took their passions for sports and incorporated them into their professional careers.

"It was fascinating to hear from Mrs. Schmitz and Mr. Jacobs as to how an outside agency such as Oswald Companies is able to interact in the sports world, especially with our own Cleveland and Columbus professional sports teams," says Liam Carey '24. "It was really interesting to learn more about pay-to-play marketing and how those business relationships help boost company exposure. Being a member of the Sports Marketing Club, I've learned about the importance of networking and maintaining quality relationships that can guide me through my professional career. I'm interested in studying finance, so after talking with Mrs. Schmitz and Mr. Jacobs, alongside other guest speakers we've had, I've learned a lot about the business opportunities that the sports world has to offer."

"I know that I want to pursue a career in business or finance related to sports, and talking with Mrs. Schmitz and Mr. Jacobs has proven to me that there is a large market for business in sports in so many different areas. From advertising and advising, to managing and financing, having a business background can be utilized in so many aspects of sports marketing," says Lucas Perusek '23.

"I really enjoyed hearing and learning from Mrs. Schmitz and Mr. Jacobs. They emphasized the importance of building relationships in the business world and how those relationships can lead to countless opportunities for success," says Daniel Ottiger '24. "My favorite part about being part of the Sports Marketing Club is getting to hear from accomplished people in the profession like Mrs. Schmitz and Mr. Jacobs. Having the chance to learn from the best is something that's special about St. Ed's community and this club in particular." Special thanks to Board member Christina Capadona-Schmitz and Dave Jacobs for taking the time to engage with our Edsmen and offer expertise and advice as our students determine their professional interests and aspirations in Sports Marketing.


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