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Housed almost entirely within the Joseph & Helen Lowe Institute for Innovation, STEM classes at St. Edward High School continue to provide students with rigorous, innovation approaches necessary to shape students ready to lead in the 21st century. 

The Science Department embraces the crosscutting concepts of the NGSS which include infusing engineering and technology into our curriculum.  This includes a new focus on sustainability and offering all students an opportunity to become scientifically literate in different many areas focusing on new technology.

The Engineering Department is focused on providing unique opportunities to students in the fields of Computer Aided Design, the Design Cycle, Alternate Reality Programming, and Robotics. The programs are designed to make students critically think through processes and create organizational flow charts to complete their processes. 


"Students are more involved than ever...[I'm] seeing students wanting to be in the new labs."

- JC Froelich, Pre-Engineering & Mathematics Faculty


"We're on the precipice of our first integration of augmented and virtual reality [into classes]."

- Anthony Mortimer, Computer Programming Faculty


"The Lowe Institute gives us the freedom to design more elaborate and creative experiments for our collaborating in labs that challenge them to synthesize aspirin or titrate, our students are essentially participating in first-year university level labs."

- Anne Marie Lavelle, Science Department Chair

"The Problem of Plastics" is a microplastics investigation that St. Ed's Science department launched in December 2018, exhibiting problem-based learning at St. Edward High School. 

Watch our Eagles dig into their first ever lunchtime Engineering Instant challenge:

designing new hall passes in AutoCAD and Creo!

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