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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Teaching to the Future


For the last three years, the St. Andre Scholars Program has collaborated with the Business and Entrepreneurship Department as well as the Engineering and Technology Department to create custom-made St. Ed's products through the St. Andre Scholars Shop for the community to enjoy just in time for the upcoming holiday season. This year, to advance our students' creativity, entrepreneurial mindsets, and teamwork capabilities, the St. Andre Scholars Shop released St. Edward themed cutting boards. Made of bamboo hardwood, the St. Edward cutting boards come in four different designs to choose from, with a special fifth option allowing customers to create their own design and picking their favorite St. Ed's logo to have prominently printed in the center. "The St. Andre Scholars Shop collaboration has become one of my favorite parts of the school year," says Director of Entrepreneurial Solutions Bob Schenosky. "To watch the students work together is amazing, and each year the interest in the project has expanded. The most exciting aspect as a teacher is to see the dramatic increase in student ownership. This has truly become a project where different students have come together to form one indistinguishable team. There is nothing better than watching the students team up and walk through the building, marketing to all the teachers and staff and the related pride that comes from each successful sale. I am lucky to be part of the project." With students working in teams from Marketing and Operations, handling target audiences, shipping procedures, and customer service questions, to Accounting and Sales, tracking sale spreadsheets, income statement models, and pitching the product on-campus and at St. Ed's events, students have acquired a hands-on learning experience to put their business skills to the test. Students have also helped with the printing and finish of each individual cutting board and will assist with all packaging of the products as well. "In the first year of the St. Andre Scholars Shop, there were only a handful of students who were interested in helping, but this year we now have 28 students working on this cutting board project and wanting to work alongside our St. Andre Scholars," says Director of the St. Andre Scholar Program Renee Zorger. "Our students' involvement speaks volumes to how impactful this experience is for them, especially those who’ve shared with their peers how cool this experience is and to have those guys come back and inspire more students to participate." Visit to purchase your St. Ed's themed cutting board today! All proceeds will go to the St. Andre Scholars Program.

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